What is Banquet? & Types of Banquet


A Banquet is a formal large meal or feast, where a number of people consume food together. Means formal meal with toast & short speeches.
The banquet has no same rule of every function in banquet.

In hotel industry it’s refers to all kinds of function successful functions require an extensive amount of planning, organization, communication and coordination.

In large establishments all functions takes place within the banquet sets & are under the administrative control of the banqueting manager.

Every hotel has their own organization structure, but General Manager is the official with the responsibility for all the activities within the hotel.

Food and Beverage Director and the banquet manager are responsible for food service & coordination between these two is essential for success of any event.


Banquet sales manager also plays significant role as they are the one who convince the guest to have function in a property, and coordination between banquet sales manager and banquet manager.

It is important as the set up and service can be done on the instruction of banquet sales manager, as he is in direct touch with the guest and he understands the needs better catering.
Now we see different types of Banquet

Types of Banquet

Banquets may be classified as under

  • Informal Banquets
  • Semi formal Banquets
  • Formal Banquets

1) Informal Banquet

In informal banquet there is no particular seating plan is followed, even No arrangement of top table/head table is there.


Informal banquet

Service is informal as well as indiscriminate of gender and rank.
Example are
Social functions such as Birthday parties, Marriage functions etc.

2) Semi formal Banquets

In semi formal Banquets Top table/head table arrangements are done.

Formal types of Banquet

This types of Banquet senior people allow to sitting space and rest of the people allow to sit on the sprig seating arrangements.

Service is formal for the people sitting on the top table.
Example – Board meetings


3) Formal Banquets

Formal banquets are arranged in honor of visiting dignitaries and given by Head of State.
In formal banquets elaborate seeting arrangement made.

Formal banquets
The service is Formal and personalized service provides to each guest.
Example – state dinner, state lunch etc.

State Banquet

state banquet is an official banquet hosted by the head of state in his or her official residence for another head of state, or sometimes head of government, and other guests.

In India, state banquets are held for foreign heads of state and government at the Rashtrapati Bhavan in New Delhi and are hosted by the President of India.
Similarly it is also held in governor house of the state for different state heads. Over one hundred guests usually attend state banquets in Rashtrapati Bhavan, including members of the Government of India such as the Vice-President of India, the Prime Minister of India, and prominent members of the ruling party. Indian and foreign business leaders also attend.

Below are the list of various functions organised by the banquet department of a hotel

  • Fashion parades
  • Wedding receptions
  • Conferences
  • TV shows
  • Birthday parties
  • Exhibitions
  • Workshops
  • Alumni meet
  • Graduation days
  • Seminars
  • Wedding anniversaries
  • Club members meet
  • Beauty contests
  • Training sessions
  • Cocktail parties


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