4 Parts of Sandwich & Storing Guidelines of Sandwiches


Sandwich! It’s now very famous for quick food. If you want make quick tiffin or so on, the sandwich may help you if you are very hungry.

So I will tell you what will added it in the Sandwich that is different parts of sandwich. Or you can say that how sandwich to be consist.

Parts of Sandwiches

The four parts of a sandwich see in below

  • Bread
  • Filling
  • Spread
  • Garnish

Lets discuss in the deep


The bread should be firm enough and thick enough to hold the filling, but not so thick that the sandwich becomes too dry.


Bread for sandwich

Most bread can be sliced in advance to preparing the sandwich, but it has to be covered to prevent drying.

Some sandwiches can be toast or grill which should be done just before service.

There are different types bread you can use for making sandwich like

Pullman loaf or its called sandwich bread it’s most popular now. The bread may be white or brown in colour.


Rolls – Also rolls are very popular now in this category includes hard and soft rolls, burger rolls, hot dog rolls, croissants and Vienna rolls.

You can use bread made from different types of flour like wheat flour, Rye, maize etc.


The spread is directly apply to the bread. Which help hold the filling and bread together.


Spread of sandwich

The function of spread is to add to taste in sandwich and Spreads can be simple and subtly flavoured or may themselves bring a special flavour to the sandwich.


Some popular example of the spread are below

Or you can use the combination of the above example


The filling could be a variety of limitless items. The filling gives the sandwich its name. Like if sandwich consist of chicken then call to be Chicken sandwich. The filling may be hot or cold.

Filling of sandwich

If you want better sandwich then filling must be prepare well.

Some popular Fillings include meat, poultry, fish, eggs, cheese, vegetables, salami, cooked roast chicken, sliced cucumber and tomato.

You can use filling combination. But here one point note that if you use filling combination then it’s must compliment each other.



In Hindi we say that ‘Jo dikhta hai O Bikta hai’ so the Garnishing is most important To enhance the appearance and the presentation of the sandwich, it is necessary to create eye appeal.

Garnishing of the sandwich

Some example of Garnish are

  • Stuffed olive
  • Pickles like pickled gherkin, capers, onion
  • Lettuce
  • Fresh vegetables
  • Dips

These are the different parts of the sandwich if you want to read more about Sandwich then read the article Types of Sandwich.

Now I tell you how to store the Sandwich

Storing of the Sandwiches

  • You can use damp cloth for cover the sandwiches because it’s keep them moist.
  • To avoid damage, keep it fresh and prevent drying.
  • Sandwiches have to be stored properly to maintain hygiene.
  • Greaseproof paper/cling film/air-tight containers/ aluminium foil can be used to store sandwiches.
  • When frozen, put a layer of butter on the bread to prevent the bread from getting soggy while thawing.
  • Crust of the sandwiches to be removed just before service.



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