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Some people are don’t understand the difference between Function Catering and the Banquet. Let’s here I clarify it a Banquet is a formal large meal or feast, where a number of people consume food together.

For more more details you can read the article What is Banquet? & Types of Banquet.

Now Function catering means providing food and beverage services for large(r) groups of people for specific purposes (functions) such as: weddings, meetings, conventions, birthday celebrations, gala events etc.

The function catering provide only a meal and no more role like banquet.

It organize according to the host wish.


Includes likes small birthday party or any state banquet program.

There are two different types of function catering

Formal functions

In formal function strictly dress code follow. Because this function organised by the high level party or you can say high value people.Formal function catering

The seating arrangements made for host, chief guest and invite guest.

Examples such as functions hosted by the head of the country or state, formal wedding breakfast etc.


Informal function

In informal function there is no procedures follow strictly. They highly based on the entertainment.

Informal function catering

Examples areCocktail party, Birthday party, Club members meet, Wedding anniversaries, Alumni meets, etc.

According to the purpose, function can be further categories as

Social functions

the main purpose of this type of function is to meet people, make new friends, entertain oneself & build relationship

Example Dinner (trade associations), Receptions, cocktail parties, wedding anniversaries, receptions, birthday parties, charity dinners


Public relations

These are organized by business houses, corporate houses etc, in order to make consumer aware of their presence & to establish relationship with them.

Example exhibitions, fashion shows/parades, dealer’s meeting, press party to launch a new product, seminar etc.


The purpose of this type of function is to share the knowledge & expertise & to discuss on matter of concern.

Examplepolitical conferences, trade union conferences, training seminar, sales conferences, academic conferences, international & national conferences etc.


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