Second Service in Housekeeping hotel || Process, What Is It ?

Second Service in Hotel

The second service provided at the specific request of a guest after the guestroom has already been serviced earlier in the day.

The guest may ask for this chargeable service after he has had visitors in the room for a party or meeting, as a result of which the room may have become dirty or disorganized. So at this time work our Second service.

Process of Second service in hotel

Removing soiled dishes, bottles and glasses.

Remove room-service trays, if any.

Damp-dusting surfaces in the guestroom that are likely to have been used by visitors and guests.


Mopping the floor in the sitting area.

Making the bed if required, want more about bed making read the post Bed Making Procedure in Hotel Housekeeping

Replacing glasses and refilling water jugs.

Cleaning the bathroom thoroughly, including the toilet bowl and placing the disinfected toilet strip.

Replacing soiled linen with fresh.


Spraying an air-freshener if the room has any residual odour of food or cigarette smoke.

Exiting and locking the door if the guest is out.

Recording the service provided appropriately so that it may be added to the guest’s bill.

Closing Down After Cleaning.

Closing down after cleaning is as important as preparing to clean.

The equipment agents, and other supplies, should be stored away properly and the work area left neat and tidy for the staff coming in for the next shift.


Basically this is the process of this Service in hotel, if any query fill free to contact with me.


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