All about Turndown service in Housekeeping hotel

Turndown service in Housekeeping hotel

What is Turndown Service

Turndown service is offered by housekeeping at night in luxury hotels as a special service for guests. Therefore also referred to as ‘evening service’ or sometimes ‘night service’.

Turn down’ refers to creating the bed prepared for sleeping in by removing any bed unfold or cover and turning down the covers.

Along with this function, it performs some other tasks at night to make the room environment conducive and comfortable for a good sleep.

Who make Turndown Service?

To provide the turn-down service, a GRA (Guest Room attendant) enters the guestroom early in the evening to replenish supplies, generally tidy the room, and turn down the beds.

Procedure to make Turndown Service

Starting the service usual procedure follow announcing your business and entering the guestroom. Means what you do when Room service given to guest, like in some hotel before going to guest room, hotel GRA knock door and announce “Room Service” like that.


First empty and damp-dust the ashtray, replace matchboxes and generally tidy the room.

Empty the waste-paper basket. Remember these task done before the turning down the sheets on the bed.

Now in Turn down the Sheets: following steps to includes

1) Remove the bedspread carefully by folding it neatly in a three-way fold and put it away in the dresser drawer or on a shelf of a cabinet or cupboard.

Process to make threes way fold

  • Bring the top edge of the bedspread towards the bottom of the bed approximately three fourth of the down.
  • Bring the bottom edge up towards the head of the bed, approximately three fourth of the way up.
  • Fold the right-side edge to the centre and then the left side.
  • Double over once to fold in place and put away.

2) Turn back the top sheet, the blanket, and the crinkle sheet on one side in one operation to make a triangle fold. Turn down the sheets on the side the guest is most likely to use.


3) Fluff up the pillows. For the turn-down service, the cotton pillow is placed on top and the foam pillow below it.

4) Place the breakfast knob card on the pillow (depends on the hotel policy).

Hang any scattered about-cloth left by the guest in the cupboard.

Replace used glasses and replenish water jugs.

Adjust the air-conditioner temperature.

If the bathroom has been used, damp-dust the vanity unit and bath tub, flush the WC, and wipe as well.


The WC seat and mop away any marks on the floor.

Replace soiled bath linen with fresh ones.

If bathroom supplies used replace with new bathroom supplies.

Empty the sani-bin.

Pull the guestroom drapes closed.

Switch off all lights except the bedside lamp to create a welcoming glow around the bed.

Exit and lock the door if the guest is expected later.


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