Bed Making Procedure in Hotel Housekeeping

Bed making procedure in hotel Housekeeping

A neatly made up bed adds greatly to the appeal of guestroom for the guestroom for the guest. The aim of a GRA should be to make a nead bed efficiently, saving both time and energy as far as possible.

A GRA who is adept at making beds should be able to finish making a single bed in a maximum of 3 minutes and a double bed in a maximum of 7 minutes.

Material Required for Bed Making in Hotel

Bed Sheets3 no.
Pillow cases2 no.
Blanket1 no.
Bed Spread1 no.
Mattress Protector1 no.

Procedure of Bed Making in hotel

1) Strip the bed remove all the bed sheets together, remove the pillows cases. Put the used sheets and pillow cases into soiled linen bag on the GRA’s Trolley.

2) Strengthen and smoothen the mattress protector with a light hand change it, if soiled.

3) Unfold a fresh sheet on the bed. Spread the first on bottom sheet, right side up on the bed with the wider hem at the headboard side of the bed. Let the sheet hang equally on all side . Use a the centre fold as a guide letting it run down the centre of the mattress. Tuck in at the headboard and mitre the headboard side next to the headboard. Then tuck in the sheet from one side, then go to the other side of the bed and repeat the procedure.


4) Spread the second one top sheet on the bed wrong side up. Spread the sheet with the centre fold running down the centre of the bed. The wider hem should be in level with the top edge of the mattress at the head of the bed.

5) Spread the blanket on the top sheet with the centre fold running down the centre of the bed. The blanket label should lie at the foot of the bed and facing up. The blanket edge at the head of the bed should be 4 inches below top sheet.

6) Spread the third sheet on crinkle sheet over the blanket side up so that the broad hem is in line with that of the top sheet at the head of the bed.

7) Fold back the top sheet and crinkle sheet at the headboard over the top edge of the blanket.

8) Fold back the top sheet blanket and crinkle sheet to get a folded panel of about 8 inches width.


9) Tuck in the top sheet blanket and crinkle sheet at the foot end. Mitre the two bottom corners.

10) Tuck in sheet and blanket at the sides including the folded Panel.

11) Put the pillows in the pillow cases on a single bed the open and should be face the wall or face away from the door, on a double bed. The open end usually faces other at the middle.

12) Spread the bedspread over the bed so that it hangs evenly on both sides and at the bottom. Keep extra length of the bed spread at the headboard to crease below and between the pillow and to the over pillows.

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Precautions to be Follow while Making Bed

  • While stripping the bed linen handle in such way that dust and bacteria are not dispersed in the air.
  • When spreading the sheets blanket and bedspread ensure that the centre crease of the ironed fold coincides with the centre of the bed lengthways, so that they hang evenly on both sides of the bed.
  • If making a fool fold, extra long top sheet is required.
  • Never hold the pillow under your chin or near the armpits for support while putting the pillow cases on.
  • During the day the foam pillow is places in the top and the cotton pillow below. It if vice a versa for the night or turn down service.

How to make Bed for Turndown Service

The Turndown Service in housekeeping department refers, room attendant enters the guestroom early in the evening to re-stock supplies, tidy the room, and turn down the covers on the bed. Want to more information about this service you can this All about Turndown service in Housekeeping hotel

The following process follow while making bed  ready for Turndown Service.
  • Remove the bed spread, by folding it nearly in a three way fold and put it way in the dresser drawer or shelf of a cabinet cupboard.
  • Turn back the top sheet the blanket and the crinkle sheet on one side to make a triangle fold. In a single occupancy twin room turn down the sheets of each bed on the side facing the night lamp. On a double bed turn down the sheets on both sides.
  • Huff up the pillows for the Turndown service. The cotton pillow is placed on top and the foam pillow below it and vice a versa for the day service.
  • Depending on the hotel policy by way of a good night with a flower bus, small string of flowers, a mint chocolate with a good night message/breakfast knob cards may be placed on the pillows.

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