Front Desk in Hotel : it’s Responsibilities, Executive and Many more


Front desk in hotel, Responsibilities, importance

Being one of the first (and often last) points of contact with a hotel guest, the front desk plays a big role in the hotel. The front desk manages the in/out flow of guests on a daily basis. The front desk is often called the “hub” or “command center” of the rooms division because so much information is funneled through it. The front desk is the logical point of contact for the dissemination of information for guests and other hotel employees.

Responsibilities of Front Desk in Hotel

The front desk is a very important part of any hotel, they serving as the primary point of contact between the hotel and guests. The responsibilities of front desk staff typically include in following

Greetings and Checking In of Guests

The front desk staff is responsible for welcoming guests, checking them in hotel and issuing room keys to the guest. They also provide information about the hotel amenities, services, and policies.

Handling Reservations

Front desk staff manage reservations and ensure that rooms are available and ready for guests upon arrival. They also handle cancellations and changes to reservations.


Manage a Payments information

Collecting payment from guests for their room, any additional services, and any incidental charges they may have incurred during their stay.

Assist Guests

Guest mat have any questions or concerns they have during their stay. This includes providing directions, recommendations for local restaurants or attractions, and addressing any complaints or issues. All manages the Front Office desk.

Coordinate with Other Departments

Front desk staff works closely with other hotel departments, such as housekeeping and maintenance, to ensure that guest requests and needs are met.

Keep a Records of Guest

The front desk staff keeps detailed records of guest transactions, including room charges, payments, and special requests. They also maintain a log of lost and found items and handle any guest complaints or issues.

Operate Hotel Software

The front desk staff is proficient in using hotel management software to perform tasks such as checking guests in and out, managing room inventory, and generating reports.


Manages a Guest Check out

Last but not the least the front desk staff manages the Guest check out. And any help needed they provide to the guest for example guest may have book Ola, Uber they help.

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Front Desk Executive Responsibilities

Following are the responsibilities of a front desk executive in a hotel –

Greeting guests –  Responsible for welcoming guests to the hotel with a friendly and positive attitude.

Checking guests in and out – The front desk executive is responsible for checking guests into the hotel, verifying their identification, and processing payment information. They are also responsible for checking guests out of the hotel at the end of their stay.

Managing reservations – front desk executive is responsible for managing hotel reservations, which includes entering them into the hotel’s computer system, modifying reservations when necessary, and canceling reservations when requested.


Answering phone calls and emails – Answering phone calls and emails from guests and potential guests, answering their questions, and providing them with information about the hotel’s amenities and services.

Provide information about the hotel – Provide useful information about the hotel to guests. Also provide information about amenities and services, including its restaurants, fitness center, pool, and spa.

Handles guest inquiries and complaints – The front desk executive is responsible for handling guest inquiries and complaints in a professional and courteous manner, and ensuring that any issues are resolved to the guest’s satisfaction.

Coordinate with other hotel departments – The front desk executive is responsible for coordinating with other hotel departments like housekeeping and maintenance to ensure that guest requests are fulfilled in a timely manner.

Maintain accurate Records – Also responsible for maintaining accurate records of guest information, room assignments, and payments.

Basic Responsibilities of Front Desk staff

Front desk manager – Manage day-to-day operation of the front desk and coordinate communication with housekeeping. Typically assigned direct supervision of a shift.

Front desk supervisor – Work directly with the front desk staff ensuring quality and efficiency.


Front desk agent –  Checking guests in and out of the hotel.

Why Front desk important in Hotel

Being a first point where guest meet the hotel staff means, this department provide the guest first impression of the hotel. Without the front desk department check in not done.

Also front desk department provide the extra safety and security of guest.

In my understanding Front desk is an essential part of a hotel’s operations. It plays a key role in guest satisfaction, revenue generation, safety and security, and communication between hotel departments.


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