Why Taj Hotel Brand are so Famous?


The Taj it is the famous hotel brand in India. Why Taj has very expensive room compare to other hotel? Why Taj is so popular? All we discuss in this article.

Taj hotel found in 1903 by Jamshedji Tata. Taj Hotel headquarters situated at  at Express Towers, Nariman Point, Mumbai. Now we will discuss key factor of why Taj is the so famous?

They provide value

The Taj hotel provides high quality products and sustainable services and memorable services to the Guest.

They are very careful about their employees, provide equal opportunities to all their employees, and ensure capacity building training and a safe work environment.


They ensure an optimum supply chain with competent suppliers for seamless operation. also collaborated with their supplier closely knowledge enhancement and process improvements. This is the key factor about the Taj hotel to provide value.

Continuously Growing

Since establishment of industry the Taj hotel industry continuosly growing. According to 2020-21 report the total number rooms are 19425 and total number of employees are 25906. The Taj open 17 new hotels in 2020-21. Which includes Taj in Puri, (Odisha), Kolkata, Patna and Shiroda (Maharashtra); Vivanta in Lucknow, Bangalore and Hampi (Karnataka); a SeleQtions hotel in Tadoba Andhari Tiger Reserve, Maharashtra; Ginger hotels in Chandigarh, Guwahati (Assam), Aurangabad (Maharashtra) Bangalore, Cochin (Kerala) and two Ginger guest houses in BKC Mumbai and Jamshedpur (Jharkhand). 

They also explored new avenues of revenue growth through a variety of innovations such as Hospitality@Home, the launch of F&B app – Qmin and curated guest offerings such as Dream, Drive, Discover, Delight – a new offering which gives guests the perfect opportunity to drive with families and friends to discover, unwind, and be with the nature, among others.

Also introduce the I-ZEST technology. Which leveraged digitalisation too offer enhanced guest experiences, from pre-arrival to departure, offering zero to minimal touch options through innovative facilities such as digital pre‑check-in registrations to contactless guest access to their rooms via digital mobile key card.

Provide Extra Safety and Hygiene

Safety like never Before

If we talk about safety how Taj behind it. The Taj hotels provide world best safety and hygiene in their hotels.


The ‘Tajness‘ – A Commitment Restrengthened’ programme laid  out safety and sanitisation standards for guests and associates to ensure that guests have a safe stay while enjoying the hospitality offered by them. This is the commitment in terms of safety and hygiene by Taj hotels.

For more information you can read Safety Hygiene & Physical distancing by Taj hotels.

Commitment of Sustainability

Why Taj hotels so famousThe Taj brand very careful about our environment. So they undertaken wide-ranging steps to integrate planet sustainability initiatives into its day-to-day operations.

They follow the EarthCheck guidelines for implementation of standard practices across hotels. There has been considerable growth in the use of renewable energy, waste treatment and reduction in water consumption in the hotels.

Accept the New technology & Grow

They are accelerated their digitalisation initiatives. Introduce the new technologies and encouraging a culture of innovation to identify a service improvements and optimise processes.

Their new technologies like Qmin, I-ZEST, Hospitality@Home, 4D (Dream, Drive, Discover, Delight), etc



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