What is mean by FHRAI? Aims, Objectives & Functions of FHRAI


FHRAI stand for Federation of Hotel and Restaurant Association of India. It’s body who controls Hotels and Restaurants in India.

FHRAI is the national organization representing the hospitality industry in India. The organization’s mission is to promote and protect the interests of the hospitality industry, and to provide its members with a range of benefits and services.

The Federation of Hotel and Restaurant Association of India (FHRAI) formed in 1954. It was incorporated as a company under the Indian companies Act on 7th December 1955.

The organization works to promote the growth and development of the hospitality industry in India. And to advocate for the interests of its member businesses. Some of the key activities of the FHRAI include working with government agencies and policy makers on issues related to the industry, providing training and education to industry professionals, and hosting events and conferences to facilitate networking and knowledge sharing among members.

FHRAI was formed by the four Regional Associations functioning in the country viz. Hotel and Restaurant Association of Eastern India: Calcutta; Hotel and Restaurant Association of Northern India, New Delhi : Hotel and Restaurant Association of western India, Bombay and the South India Hotels and Restaurants Association, Madras.


The principle objectives of the FHRAI are to

  • Unite the four Regional Associations in a representative national organisation.
  • Create a national fraternity of the hotel and restaurant establishments located all over India.
  • Consider and take decision on all questions of interest to the hotel and restaurant industry.
  • Act as an information centre and disserminate statistical and other information concerning the hotel and restaurant industry and advise it’s members on matters of importance to them.
  • Promote and market the hospitality industry of India, especially hotels and restaurants in the national and international market.
  • Cordinate and liaise with the ministry/Department of Tourism and other concerned Department/Agencies of the central and state governments to achieve accelerated growth of hotel and restaurant.
  • The business of federation is managed by an Executive Committe comprising 24 members, 6 from each region.
  • FHRAI secretariate is functioning from New Delhi with Secretary Genaral, Joint Secretary, Deputy Secretary and other staff.
  • The FHRAI is the Member of International Hotel Association.
  • FHRAI acts a eyes and ears of the Government in the hotel and restaurant sector.
  • For example, it keeps the Government apprised of the developments in this area and constantly reminds it about the problems faced by the industry.
  • Thus the FHRAI has been helping the Government in the decision making process.

Below are the main Function of FHRAI

Professionalism: The FHRAI promotes professionalism in the hospitality industry, and encourages its members to adhere to high standards of service, quality, and ethical conduct.

Sustainability: The FHRAI supports the principles of sustainability and environmental responsibility. And encourages its members to adopt eco-friendly practices.

Innovation: The FHRAI encourages innovation and the adoption of new technologies in the hospitality industry, in order to improve the quality of service and the efficiency of operations.

Collaboration: The FHRAI promotes collaboration and partnership between its members, as well as with other industry stakeholders, in order to drive the growth and development of the hospitality industry.

Community engagement: The FHRAI encourages its members to be active and engaged members of their local communities, and to contribute to the social and economic development of the region.


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