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Types voucher in front office

Vouchers is the valuable tool for front office staff. They can help to increase occupancy, boost revenue, and improve guest satisfaction.

In this blog post, we will discuss the different types of vouchers, how they are used in the front office, and the benefits they offer to hotels and guests.

What is the Voucher in Front Office?

Vouchers are a common way for hotels to offer discounts, rewards, or other incentives to guests. In the front office, vouchers can be used to process payments, track inventory, and manage guest stays.

Different types of Voucher used in Front Office in Hotel

Charge voucher

Most common type of voucher. It is used to record a charge to a guest’s folio. Charges can be for room rates, incidentals, or other services.


Correction voucher

Used to correct an error in a guest’s folio. For example, if the wrong room rate was charged, a correction voucher would be used to correct the mistake.

Cash vouchers

Cash vouchers are used to record cash payments made by guests.

Allowance voucher


Allowance voucher is used to give a guest a credit to their folio. Allowances can be given for various reasons, such as a noisy room or a late arrival.

Transfer voucher

Transfer voucher is used to transfer funds between two guest folios. For example, if a guest is moving to a different room, a transfer voucher would be used to move their balance to the new room.

Paid-out voucher

This voucher is used to record a cash payment made by the hotel on behalf of a guest. For example, if a guest pays for a taxi with cash, a paid-out voucher would be used to record the payment.

In addition to these common types of vouchers, there are also a number of other types that may be used by hotels, such as –


Gift voucher

Gift voucher that can be redeemed for goods or services at the hotel.

Complementary voucher

This is a voucher that gives the guest a free item or service.

Marketing voucher

This is a voucher that is used as part of a marketing campaign. For example, a hotel might offer a voucher for a free night’s stay to guests who book through a certain website.

Room Voucher


This voucher is issued to guests upon check-in and contains information about their room type, duration of stay, and any special requests or amenities.

Meal Voucher

Used in hotel or resort settings, meal vouchers are given to guests to avail complimentary meals or discounts at designated dining outlets.

Discount Voucher

These vouchers provide guests with discounts on room rates, food and beverage expenses, or other services offered by the hotel.

Spa/Wellness Voucher

Hotels with spa or wellness facilities may issue vouchers specifically for accessing these services, such as massages, facials, or fitness classes.

Recreation/Activity Voucher


Resorts or hotels offering recreational activities like water sports, golf, or sightseeing tours may provide vouchers that entitle guests to participate in these activities.


Travel Voucher

These vouchers may be issued by travel agencies or hotels as part of a package deal, providing guests with discounts or benefits related to transportation, tours, or other travel-related services.

Uses of voucher in Front Office

Vouchers play an important role in the smooth operation of the front office. By providing accurate and detailed documentation of transactions, vouchers help to ensure that guest accounts are accurate and that the hotel’s financial records are in order.

In addition to their practical uses, vouchers can also be used to track guest spending habits and to identify areas where the hotel can improve its guest services. By analyzing voucher data, the front office can gain valuable insights into the needs of its guests and make changes to its operations accordingly.

Benefits of Voucher in Hotel

Increased accuracy – Help to ensure that all transactions are recorded accurately. This is important for financial reporting and auditing purposes.

Improved efficiency – It can help to streamline the front office process. By tracking all transactions in one place, the staff can quickly and easily see what charges have been made and what payments have been received.

Enhanced customer service – Improve customer service by providing a quick and easy way to resolve billing issues.


Reduced risk of fraud – Vouchers can help to reduce the risk of fraud by providing a paper trail of all transactions.


In this blog post, we have explored the different types of vouchers used in front office. We have seen that vouchers can be used for a variety of purposes, including payment for goods and services, discounts, and promotions. We have also seen that there are many different types of vouchers, each with its own specific purpose.

Finally I think you understand that Vouchers can be a valuable tool for front office staff. They can help to streamline the checkout process, increase customer satisfaction, and boost sales. If you are looking for ways to improve your front office operations, consider using vouchers in your hotel.

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