types of guest complaints


Types of guest Complaints

There are primarily four types of guest complaints that employees in a hotel come across:

1. Technical/Mechanical Complaints

These complaints relate to the malfunctioning of hotel equipment or a set of guest supplies provided by the hotel.

These may be due to problems with the air-conditioning, guestroom safes, room furnishings, door keys, plumbing, television sets etc.

Efficient and alert housekeeping attendants help minimize mechanical complaints. Effective use of log book and of maintenance work-orders is essential.


At times, the technical problem in itself is not the cause of complaint, but rather the delay in rectifying the problem.

2. Service-related Complaints

These types of Guest complaints arise when guests feel they are not receiving value for money in terms of services provided by the hotel.

For instance a guest may complain about a delay in procuring a guest loan item, problems in phone services, stale odour in the room, linen not having been changed twice, and so on.

 3. Attitudinal Complaints

These complaints are a result of tactless or rude behavior towards guests on the part of hotel employees.

 4. Unusual Complaints

As the name suggests, these are odd complaints that often have no foundation and their solutions are usually not in the hands of hotel staff.


For instance, guests complaining about the size of the suite, the absence of a swimming pool, and so on.

How to solve Guest Complaints

The Guest is very important for us so we  can use following 10 way to solving a Guest problems

1. Listen with concern and empathy.

2. Isolate the guest, if possible, so that other guests may not over hear the conversation.

3. Stay calm. Avoid responding with hostility of defensiveness.

4. Be cautious of injuring the guest’s sense of self-esteem; rather, try to pander to it subtly.


Show that you take a personal interest in the problem.

Use the guest’s name frequently in the conversation.

ake the complaint seriously.

Concentrate on the problem, not on apportioning blame. Certainly do not insult the guest.

5. Take notes. Also, guests will tend to slow down if they are speaking faster so that you can write, which helps them calm down too.

6. Tell the guest what can be done.

Offer choices.


However, do not promise the impossible, nor exceed your authority.

7. Set an approximate time for the completion of corrective action.

Be specific, but do not underestimate the amount of time it will take to resolve the problem.

8. Monitor the progress of corrective action.

9. Follow up.

Even if the complaint was resolved by someone else, contact the guest personally to ensure that the problem was resolved to his/her satisfaction.

Report the entire event, the actions taken, and the conclusions of the incident.

10. Never argue with Guest and never take  personally to what they saying.


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