Russian Service: A Definitive Guide

Russian service in hotel

Are you curious about the concept of Russian service in hotels? If so, you’ve come to the right place! In this blog post, we’ll discuss what Russian service in hotels is, how it differs from other services, and what you need to know about it when planning a trip. Whether you’re a hotel owner, hospitality professional, or simply an avid traveler, this post will give you a better understanding of the Russian service in hotels and how it works. So let’s get started!

What is Russian Service?

Russian service is a very special service, in which food is brought from the kitchen and present to the host for approval, then food placed to the side station and cut into pieces according to the guest requirements and served from the left side of the guest.

It is an elaborate service involving the use of gueridon trolley in the restaurant. The food is taken directly on the Gueridon trolley which is placed near the guest table.

The waiter pre-portions the food and serves it on the guest’s plate & then places the plate in front of the guest. Presentation is an important aspect of this service and at times, whole joints of meat, game, fish are presented to the guest before being carved by the waiter.


In this service Cutleries accompaniments and other condiments are already placed on the table. Used in very high class multicuisine restaurants.

Sometimes side board may also used for carving or presentation purpose. So it is also called as sideboard service at some places. This service is not practiced in recent times.

How to do Russian service?

Plan and prepare your menu in advance. Russian service typically involves plated dishes, so it is important to plan your menu and prepare the food ahead of time. Consider factors such as the number of guests, any dietary restrictions, and the overall theme of the event when planning your menu.

#1 Set up your serving station

Russian service typically involves a tray or cart, so it is important to have a designated area for presenting and serving the food. This should be set up in a convenient location, such as near the kitchen or dining room, and should include all of the necessary equipment, such as platters, utensils, and serving spoons.

#2 Assemble your serving team

In Russian service typically requires a dedicated team of servers, who should be dressed in formal attire, such as a tuxedo or evening gown. Make sure to have enough staff on hand to serve the food efficiently and smoothly.


#3 Prepare and plate the food

Plated dishes should be presented on a tray or cart, with the food placed in the center of the plate and any garnishes or decorations added around the edges. Make sure to use clean and attractive dishes, and pay attention to the overall presentation of the food.

# 4 Serve the food

When serving the food, servers should approach the table with the tray or cart held at shoulder level, and should place the plates in front of guests, with the server standing to the side or behind the guest. Servers should use a spoon and fork to serve the food, rather than their hands, and should offer any condiments or accompaniments as needed.

Monitor and maintain the service. After serving, servers should discreetly remove any used utensils or dishes from the table and refill drinks as needed. Pay attention to the needs of your guests, and be prepared to make any necessary adjustments to the service as needed.

Overall, Russian service is a sophisticated and elegant way to present food, and above these steps can help you to ensure that it is done properly.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Russian service


  • More guest satisfaction.
  • Skill waiters got chance to show their skill.
  • Provides visual appeal to the guest.
  • In this service less chances to complaints by the guest.
  • Chances of maximum interaction with the guest.


  • It is the speacial service so more attention and highly skilled people required for this service.
  • Skill waiters no chance to exhibit their skills.
  • Time Consuming.

FAQ: Russian service

Russian service is also known as

Service à la russe




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