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Room status code in hotel, housekeeping

Room status codes are used by hotel housekeeping staff to track the status of each room in the hotel. This helps to ensure that rooms are cleaned and prepared for guests in a timely manner, and that guests are not inconvenienced by rooms that are not ready when they arrive.

In this blog post I share the all room status code that I aware in Hotel in Housekeeping & Front Office department.

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Room Status with their Codes

Blocked (BLO)The room has been blocked and is not available for sale
Chain Lock (CL)This status code in hotel indicates that Guest has placed a chain lock on the door.
Check-out/vacated/departure room (CO or C/O)The guest has settled his/her account, returned the room keys, and left the hotel.
Double Lock (DL) The guest has locked the door with both the deadbolt and the doorknob
Dirty (DT)The room has been vacated by a guest and needs to be cleaned before it can be assigned to another guest.
Did not Check Out (DNCO)The guest has not checked out of the room and is now considered a no-show.
Do Not Disturb (DND)The guest has requested privacy and does not want housekeeping services.
Do Not Rent (DNR)The room is not available for rent due to a specific reason, such as maintenance or health issues.
Due out Room (DO)The room is expected to become vacant after the following day’s checkout-time.
Early Check-in (EC)Guest has requested to check in earlier than the hotel’s standard check-in time.
Inspected (IN)The room has been cleaned and inspected, ready for the next guest.
Heavy Luggage (HL)Guest has a lot of luggage in the room.
House use (HU)Room is being used by the hotel for housekeeping or other purposes.
Late Check-out (LC)Guest has requested to check out later than the hotel’s standard check-out time.
Light Luggage (LL)The guest has a little luggage in the room.
Lockout (L/O)The guest has been locked out of the room, usually due to non-payment or a violation of hotel policies.
Lock Out Room(LO)The guest has locked themselves out of the room and needs assistance.
Make-Up Room (MUR)The room is being made up for a new guest.
Newly checked In (NCI)The guest has just checked into the room.
No Luggage (NL)The guest does not have any luggage in the room.
No Show (NS)The guest has not shown up to check in to the room.
Occupied Room (O or OCC)A guest is currently registered to the room
Occupied and Clean (OC)The room is occupied and has been cleaned.
Occupied and Dirty (OD)The room is occupied and has not yet been cleaned.
On-change room (O/C)Room need of housekeeping services before it can be registered to an arriving guest.
Out of Order (OOO)Room is temporarily unavailable due to maintenance or repairs.
Occupied and Ready (OR)The room is occupied but has been cleaned and is ready for use.
Out of Service (OOS)The room is currently unavailable for an extended period due to maintenance, renovation, or other reasons.
Pre-registered, not paid (PM)The guest has a reservation but has not yet paid for the room.
Skipper (SK)Room was not occupied, and the housekeeping staff skipped it during their rounds.
Sleep Out (SO)A guest is registered to the room, but the bed has not been used yet.

Stayover Room (S/O)Guestroom which is not checking-out today and will occupy the room for at least one more night
Under Cleaning (UC)The room is currently being cleaned by housekeeping.
Under-repair (UR)The guestroom is not to be assigned to any guest as repair work is being carried out.
Vacant Room (V/VC)Room is vacant and available for sale.
Vacant, Cleaned & Inspected (VCI)The room is vacant, has been cleaned, and has been inspected by housekeeping.
Vacant and Dirty (VD)Room is vacant but has not yet been cleaned.
Vacant and Ready (VR)Room is vacant and has been cleaned and is ready for new guests.
Status Unclear ( V/O or O/V)Room status is not clear and needs to be verified.


In conclusion Room Status code in hotel serve as a shorthand language that encapsulates the current condition and availability of each guest room, allowing for quick assessments, timely turnovers, and personalized service. Understanding and utilizing these room status codes is essential for maintaining a well-organized, guest-centric environment in any hotel establishment.


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