Question for Situation Handling in Front Office

Situation handling questions in front office

Either in college Viva or in sitting for interview, already prepared for the situation handling questions this may help you lot.

So in this point of view I will share you lot of questions for situation handling. And at the end I will tell you how this types questions. So let’s gets start.

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Situation handling questions in front office

1. Guest’s Airport pick up missed.

2. A pass out guest found in the public washroom at lobby level night time.


3. Wrong key handed over to guest at the time of check in. Guest enters a couple’s room by mistake.

4. Guest’s clothes misplaced by laundry.

5. Dispute over late checkout fee.

6. Guest wants to bring Pets in room.

7. Guest wants to bring an Escort in room.


8. Cockroach/Band-Aid found in food.

9. Guest valuables missing from room.

10. VIP guest getting disturbed by group function/celebration.

11. Guest injury/accident due to spillage.

12. Staff accused of demanding tips.

13. Senior staff accused of stalking single lady guest.


14. Staff accused by another staff of harassment.

15. FAM trip guest who is over-demanding.

16. Guest damages a hotel property which is a prized possession of the owner.

17. Dead/Alive rat found in the room.

18. Drunk guest creating havoc in the lobby at midnight.

19. Drunk walk in guest not ready to pay the bill.

20. Guest belongings (valuables) misplaced while room shifting.


21. Incorrect guest history leading to providing the guest with services completely opposite to his preferences.

22. Guest’s wine bottle broken by mistake. Glass not cleared properly. Guest’s child gets hurt by a piece of glass left behind.

23. Staff on union strike, major group check in scheduled for the day.

24. Guest kept his shoes to dry in the room balcony at night. Found to be missing in the morning.

25. Dispute over charges at the time of check out. VIP Guest getting delayed for his flight.

26. Celebrity group staying in house. VIP Guest’s young child is desperate to get an autograph of his/her favourite star.

27. Very regular guest finds a ‘foil with chicken bones’/’pair of smelly socks’ lying in the wardrobe immediately after check in.

28. A lady guest walks in to the lobby at the peak hour carrying a dead rat on a plate which she found in her room.


29. Personalized linen and stationery arranged for a VVIP guest. Spelling mistake noticed by the GRE who is taking the in room check in for the guest.


30. Guestspecified while making reservation that he is allergic to smoke. Yet a smoking room is pre assigned for him. No other room is available at the time of check in.

31. 10 lakh rupees in cash found by the GRA while servicing an occupied room. Guest has gone out of the hotel.

32) Guest from the Eva floor calls the DM at 2am complaining that an unknown person is continuously knocking on her door and threatening to commitsuicide ifshe does not open the door.

33) What do you if Guest’s wakeup call missed ?

34. Guest who recently attempted suicide has just returned from the hospital. She is requesting for the windows of her room to be opened.

35. Death of a guest in hotel.

36. Adjoining rooms occupied by a VIP Family with a baby and a VIP Honeymoon couple. The baby cries in the middle of the night which disturbs the honeymoon couple.


37. Two guests simultaneously registered in the same room. Lady Guest already in the room.

Gentleman opens the same room .both guest upset.

38. Guest has attempted suicide by jumping off the balcony.

39. Front office associate takes a sale of INR 70000 instead of pre auth on VIP guest credit card.

40. New Front office associate checks in a blacklisted guest in the hotel.

41. Guest is overcharged the room rate for his entire stay by Rs.5000 per day & he has paid entire bill while checkout. Later on guest has realized & complains about the same.

42. Guest has given clothes to laundry & on return few of his clothes are damaged while washing. He demands entire payment of clothes.

43. Guest finds piece of glass in his food.

44. Bomb threat received on call.

45. GRA informs the reception about the discrepancy of a room status

46. Hotel has a blackout situation in the night, single lady guest scared & calls the duty manager. No female staff available in front office.

47. CC of a VIP guest declines at the time of checkout. Outstanding amount is above INR 75000.

48. Drunken guest wants to have show round of the hotel at night. But hotel has policy to allow the show round from 9 am to 6 pm.

49. Overbooking done by hotel for a night. Guest with a suite room reservation arrives and hotel doesn’t have a room for him.

50. Front office Associate forgets to show check in on the software. Same room given for show round to sales person.

51. Wedding group has 200 rooms +.Requests for all brides’ rooms on same floor & all grooms’ rooms on same floor.

52. Guest has lost his luggage due to hopping flight.

53. VIP guest’s given a key card of an occupied room while check in .Room occupied by a lady guest who is scared that someone is trying to get in her room at night.

54. VIP guest who is drunk wants to continue drinking at the bar .But its bar closing time.

55. Too many mistakes during the stay of a travel blogger/social media influencer. Guest upset and asking to check out immediately.

56. GRA removed an old looking guest belonging (Back-pack/ shoe etc) during cleaning since it was placed besides the dustbin. It was of sentimental value to the guest.

57. Guest had complained about his valuables missing from the room while he was out.

58. Action taken by FO dept. in case of fire.

59. In house guest is unwell after eating food in the restaurant.

60. Someone is claiming to have lost their room keys and wants a duplicate.

How to solve Guest Complaints

The Guest is very important for us so we can use following 10 way to solving a Guest problems

1. Listen with concern and empathy.

2. Isolate the guest, if possible, so that other guests may not over hear the conversation.

3. Stay calm. Avoid responding with hostility of defensiveness.

4. Be cautious of injuring the guest’s sense of self-esteem; rather, try to pander to it subtly.

Show that you take a personal interest in the problem.

Use the guest’s name frequently in the conversation.Ask the complaint seriously.

Concentrate on the problem, not on apportioning blame. Certainly do not insult the guest.

5. Take notes. Also, guests will tend to slow down if they are speaking faster so that you can write, which helps them calm down too.

6. Tell the guest what can be done. Offer choices.

However, do not promise the impossible, nor exceed your authority.

7. Set an approximate time for the completion of corrective action. Be specific, but do not underestimate the amount of time it will take to resolve the problem.

8. Monitor the progress of corrective action.

9. Follow up.

Even if the complaint was resolved by someone else, contact the guest personally to ensure that the problem was resolved to his/her satisfaction.

Report the entire event, the actions taken, and the conclusions of the incident.

10. Never argue with Guest and never take personally to what they saying.




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