Preparation of Rum Omelette and Serving Guide


Rum omelette is also known as kirsch omelette. It is very famous dish. Now follow are the making guidelines of the Dish.

Preparation of the Rum Omlette

Equipment required for the Rum Omlette

Flare lamp, Suzette pan, Service gears (Service fork & Service spoon), spare plate for used service cutleries, Decanters (for rum- optional), Pony tumbler/sauce boat, China bowls (for caster sugar), Teaspoons, Dessert plate, Dessert Fork & Spoon.

Ingredients required for the Dish

Name Quantity
Omlette1 Portion
Caster Sugar25 gm
Butter30 - 60 gm
Rum30 ml
Chopped fruit/ you can used a CreamOptional


Make a medium thick omelette with two eggs. You may add sugar but not salt.

Omlette should be stuffed with the chopped fruits.

Fold the omelette in to a half.


Step to Follow

  • Present the prepared omelette to the guest for the approval.
  • Add butter to the Suzette pan and allow melting, then put the omelette for heating.
  • Sprinkle caster sugar over the omelette.
  • Add a measure of rum to it.
  • Flambé it and then fold the chopped fruits into omelette, if required.

Serving Guidelines

Serve it Immediately.

The Rum Omelette always serve in Dessert plate.


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