Placement of Guest supplies and Hotel Amenities


Guest supplies / Hotel amenities include all the items that are conducive to the guest’s material comfort and convenience.

They are sub-divided into

Many hotels follow a common pattern in placement of guest supplies in their guestrooms.

  • In the Bedroom

a) Behind the Door

Placement of Amenities behind the door

The following items placed here:


A DND card

Please make my room card

A detailed map of fire exits is ideally affixed behind the door.

A notice reminding guests of the safe-deposit facilities at the cashier’s desk.

b) At the writing table

Placement of hotel amenities in writing table


A guest stationary folder with monogrammed note papers.


post cards with the hotel’s picture

telegraph forms

guest comment forms are placed on the table.

Pen & Pencils


Tent Cards (giving information about special events)

An ashtray

A candle, a candle holder, and a match box.

The hotel brochure

A wastepaper basket next to the writing table, on the floor

A chair with backrest is placed in front of the writing table.

c) On the Bedside table

Placement of Amenities on the bed side table


The telephone and Services directory

A note pad and a pencil are placed beside the phone.

An ashtray and a matchbox. (In twin room two Ashtrays with matchboxes are kept on the two bedside table.)

A local telephone directory is placed on the lowermost shelf of the bedside table. In the same location, The Bible, The Gita, or The Quran may also be placed.

A channel music panel may be affixed to the bedside table.

A breakfast knob card

A bedside lamp is placed on the bedside table. (If there are two tables, there may be two bedside lamps.)

A flask on a tray, with two glasses, may be kept beside the bed on the bed side lamp.


d) On the coffee table

Placement of Amenities on Coffee table


An ashtray and a matchbox are placed on the coffee table.

The house magazine or some tourist magazines, and a newspaper are also neatly arranged on the coffee table.

The room service menu is placed on the coffee table.

A letter of greeting signed by the general manager, wishing guests on special holidays or feasts, may be placed on the coffee table.

e) In the drawer and cupboard

Placement of Amenities on the cupboard

These are usually found in the wardrobe or chest of drawers, or else sometimes in a nightstand drawer.

A sewing or mending kit (a ‘Dutch wife’) is placed in a drawer.


Laundry bags and a list of laundry facilities and charges.

A few plastic utility bags may also be placed in the wardrobe for guests to keep their shoes or wet swimming suits in, or to use for other purposes.

Clothes hangers are hung on hooks or a hinging rod inside the cupboard.

The guestroom safe is usually affixed inside the cupboard.

f) Below the luggage Rack Placement of Amenities on laggage rack

The luggage rack usually has a lower shelf for guests to keep their shoes on.

The shoe mitt or a shoe kit may also be placed on this shelf.

g) At the dressing table

Placement of Amenities on the dressing table

Combs and brushes are placed in the dressing-table drawer.

An upholstered stool is placed under the dressing table.

h) On the Bed

Placement of Amenities on the bed


Ideally, there is nothing place on the  bed but sometime Small gift, box of Chocolates placed on the pillows as a part of Turn down service.

A mattress, with a mattress protector on it.

Bed sheets, night spread, pillows with pillowcases, blankets, a bed spread.

i) In the television cabinet

Placement of Amenities on the television cabinet

This is where you would find the television, usually one equipped with a satellite network, and the remote control.

j) In the Minibar

Mineral water bottles

Beverages such as liquor and soft drinks

Ice trays

Lemon wedges

Some snack

Placement of liquor in the Monibar

k) On the mini-bar cabinet

A tray with tea bags and sachets of coffee powder, milk powder,  sugar , a couple of cups, saucers, and spoons.

A kettle and/or coffee maker/

An ice bucket

l) In the sitting area

Placement of Amenities in sitting area in hotel

An occasional table

A lampshade

A sofa and two easy chairs

  • In the bathroom

a) On or near the vanity unit

Amenities in the vanity unit

Monogrammed soaps

Shampoo bottles

Moisturizers and Cologne

Aftershave lotion and Bath gel

Shower caps and gargle glasses

tissue box, razor blades, dental kit, and shaving kit.

A mirror mounted on the wall with appropriate lighting facility

A sani-bin beside the WC or under the vanity counter.

b) On the towel rack

Towel rack in bathroom

Bath towels and bath sheets on the towel rack.

Hand towels and face towels

Wash cloths

A bath mat.

These are Hotel amenities we place at different location at the hotel.











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