What is mise en scene in hotel? activity involve in Mise en scene


What is the mise en scene in Hotel?

The term mise en scene in a hotel refers to preparing the environment of the area in order to make it pleasant, comfortable, safe & hygienic. For the waiter in the service area.

Mise en scene in restaurant

Different activities includes in the mise en scene in restaurant

  • Opening of the windows and drawing curtains.
  • Cleaning the area and vacuum cleaning the rug and carpet.
  • Checking the all electronic gadgets or devices properly working or not.
  • Creating the ambience and comfortable environment to the guest.

Creating the good environment for the guest following point kept in mind

  • Music
  • Lighting
  • Ventilation
  • Air conditioning

Music for Mise en scene 

First of all its properly check while creating restaurants for mise en scene so we discuss below


Music for Mise en scene

It depends on the

Theme – What is the theme of programs that guest order for restaurant.

Age group – Age group is very important while creating the good environment for mise en scene in hotel. Because you arrange party of youth boy and girls. Then your music is old it’s uncomfortable to the guest.

So you must check what is age group of guests.


Type of clientele – Another major important factor which is what types of clientele you arrange the mise en scene in restaurant.

Types of Restaurant – what types of restaurant the Waiter work in. If you want to know types in restaurant you can read 16 Types of Restaurants.

If you got any doubt about arranging the music mise en scene

Then test of the guest patronizing the restaurant while selecting the music.

Lighting for mise en scene in restaurant

I give you here one tips about lighting used in restaurant

You can use bright light for fast food outlets and diffused light for fine dinning restaurant.


Ventilation and AC for mise en place

Keeping the restaurant ventilated by the use of air curtains, opening windows or by managing temperature of the AC.

The ideal temperature of AC in restaurant In 18 degree Celsius.


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