What is mise en place in hotel? Activity involve in Mise en place


Every hotel wants to gives great experience to their customer. So without the Mise en place and Mise en Scene it’s not possible.

So in this article I will tell you What is mean by Mise en place in hotel and activities involved in it. If you want know about the Mise en scene read my article What is mise en scene in hotel? activity involve in Mise en scene.

So lets get start

What is Mise en place in hotel ?

Mise en place is a French term which means putting things in place. So the we can make the definition of mise en place in hotel The activities involve of putting things in place to make restaurant for Guest service smooth.

So the above definition you will understand the what is mean by Mise en place now I tell you different activities in a particular area carried out while preparing the mise en place in hotel.


What is the mise en place in hotel

To ensure quick service and guest satisfaction the mise en place must be carried out in a particular manner shows in below

  • Lounge
  • Restaurant
  • Miscellaneous
  • Still room
  • Pantry
  • Hot plate
  • Toilet & Washroom

We see one by one

Mise en place in Lounge

When restaurant are too busy guest can wait here. It’s front area of the hotel so it must clean and need pleasant environment.

Activity involve in Lounge for mise en place

  • Cleaning of the carpets (using a vaccum)
  • Upholstery cleaning
  • Polish the polisheble item (like brass)
  • Cleaning of the glass surfaces
  • Dusting the wooden surfaces
  • Placing periodicals, newspaper and Menu cards

Mise en place in Restaurant 

For mise en place in restaurant the activities are followed

1) Sideboard

In restaurant staff must be ensure that sideboard has the following

From left to right 

  • Dessert spoon and Fork
  • Soup spoons
  • Tea and soup spoons
  • Fish knives and fork
  • Joint knives and fork
  • Side knives

According to the menu staff serve the plate like side plate, Tea or coffee saucers, consomme saucers.

One of the most important point here staff that can staff ensure in sideboard

  • Service trays
  • Service salvers
  • Under liner for sauce boats
  • Water jugs
  • Service cloth
  • Straw holder
  • Ashtray
  • Menu cards
  • Wine list

Stationary like – Check pads, Bill folder, spare writting pen & pads.


Not forget to putting Extras like Proprietary sauces, cruets, pickle pots, Chinese cruets and candle stand and so on base on hotel offers.

2) Table

  • For table staff must ensure
  • The table are dusted properly.
  • While dusting, dust high surfaces first and then dust downwards.
  • The table should be properly position so not problem to guest while serving.
  • The table is not wobbling .

3) Chairs

  • Dust the chairs
  • Like table chair should not be wobbling.
  • Position the chair around the table.
  • Tables with an even numbers of chairs should be equally placed around the table.

4) Cutlery

Check the cutlery should be wiped and store in the sideboard.

5) Crockery

Checking of all item crockery dirt, cracks and chips.

If any piece is dirty sent to rewashing.

6) Glassware

Like crockery check it may be crack or dirt. If it is then send to rewashing in machine.

Glassware must be properly wiped because this is main of guest point of view.

7) Linen

  • Linen collect from the Housekeeping department and stored it properly into cupboard or linen room.
  • Check the linen must be free from stains.
  • Soiled linen sent to rewashing.
  • Napkin are neatly fold and stack at the sideboard

Wants to more about linen then read  Different types of Linen in Hotel



For preparing miscellaneous for mise en place in hotel includes

  • Preparing candles
  • Flower arrangement
  • Hot food counter
  • Salad bar
  • Buffets and trolley

For more information about trolleys you can read What is Gouridon Service? Trolleys use in Gouridon Service

Still Room

  • In still room staff must be prepare for following things
  • Refill oil and vinegar stands, pepper mills and cayenne pepper pots.
  • Keep all accompaniment ready for service
  • Distribute cruets to the tables and accomplishments to the sideboards.
  • Prepare the sugar bowls with sugar sachets/cubes
  • Preparing butter dish.
  • Filling cruets
  • Preparing sauce and pickles in a containers.

This all activities involve in the still room while preparing the mise en place in hotel.


While preparing the mise en place in hotel in pantry following activities are follows –

Keep necessary equipment ready for service.

Check the water cooler.

Turn on Bain Marie (if it is use)

Check coffee machine, juice machine are good condition.


Hot plate

It is the pick up counter control by the aboyeur.


There are various equipment are needed so keep it ready.

Toilet and Washroom 

In large establishment public area housemen who work under the control of the Housekeeping department ensure the cleanliness of the toilet and Washroom.

For mise un place need good amount of soap, towels, toilet rolls and so on should be kept.

Hope this article gives you full of knowledge about the Mise en place in Hotel.


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