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Meaning of Marinade

A Marinade meaning A seasoned liquid either cooked or uncooked with various aromatics in which meat, poultry, game and even vegetables are steeped.

Or in simple definition marinade means we say that a mixture of salt, oil, vinegar and flavours which is used in specific amount and that is soaked to the chicken for a given time.

A marinade can also soften the fibers of certain meats and tenderize them.

Marinade of chicken

There are different components of the Marinade that is

  • Oil
  • Acid
  • Aromatics / Flavorings
  • Seasoning

These are basically four components of Marinade


There are different types of oil like olive oil, peanuts or plane refined oil. And there different flavour oil which is garlic oil, chilli oil and herb flavored which can be use for marinade.


In acid we use whole range of acid fruit that is citrus fruits, Vinegar, lemon juice, yoghurt etc.

Aromatics / Flavorings

Such as herbs, spices, proprietary sauces.


In seasoning primarily salt to be used. Other than that Sea salt, black salt, garlic salt, rock salt and grain salt to be use for marinade.


function of a marinade

  • Provides flavours and taste of the food.
  • If you marinade the food that can tenderlize of the food and break down the connective tissue in the meat.
  • It help to food preservative.
  • This give a colour to a certain extent.

How long Marinade takes

It’s depends on the certain factors like beef meat take long time than the chicken to marinade.

Size also the factors for example A leg of pork will take longer than the leg of chicken.

The temperature also the important factor while marinade the food.

Storage of the Marinade.

You can store cooked marinade food in refrigerator and uncooked marinade prepare for instantly use.

Some Marinade example I share you


Beer Marinade

Beer –  450 ml

Lemon juice – 30 ml

Garlic (crushed) – 8 cloves

Shallots – a few (chopped)

Coriander – a few sprigs (chopped)

Red Chilli –  3-4

Cumin powder – 1 tsp


Salt – a pinch

Black pepper –  a pinch

Combine all the ingredients and blend thoroughly.


Carrots –  100 gms

Shallots – 50 gms

Peppercorns – 10-12

Cloves – 2-3

Parsley stalk –  4-5


Thyme – a pinch


Rosemary – a pinch

Bayleaf – 1-2

Water – 1 litre

White wine – 500 ml

Vinegar – 50 ml

Oil – 100 ml

Combine all ingredients except oil and simmer for an hour. Cool & add oil.


SZECHWAN MARINADE (for grilling)

Soy Sauce  – 150 ml

Water – ¼ cup

White wine – 100 ml

Garlic – 6-8 flakes

Ginger paste – 15 gms

Peppercorn – 1 tbsp ( crushed)

Red chilli flakes – 1 tbsp

Star Anise –  1

Sesame oil –  15 ml

Brown Sugar – 30 gms

Combine all the ingredients and heat in a saucepan for 10 minutes.

Allow to cool before use.

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