Job description of Sous-chef

Job description of sous chef
Job titleSous-chef
Reports to Executive Chef

Sous chef have no sectional or partie responsibilities but will aid the chef in his general administration and in particular supervising the work of preparing food and in overseeing it’s service at the hot plate service.

Depending on the hotel organization their may be more than one sous chef.

The position of sous chef is of course,  regarded as an intermediate step between control of a partie and the ultimate control of the kitchen.

In small organization, one of the principal’s chef de partie such as the saucier or chef Garde Manger may act as a Sous Chef.

Duties and responsibilities of Sous Chef in hotel

  • Look after the function of the executive chef during his/her absence.
  • Train staff on improved work procedure, quality of food production, economical usage of food materials and the attractive presentation of the food items.
  • Approve requisitions from stores for stations assigned and in the executive sous-chef’s absence for the entire main kitchen.
  • Be responsible for all food production in area assigned to him.
  • Follows and enforces all appropriate safety procedures specified for kitchen and food servers.
  • Responsible for overall food cost control without affecting standards and specifications as laid out by top management.
  • Account for the usage, consumption, spoilage and control of foodstuff produced or stored under his/her supervision.
  • Ensure all employees in kitchen are in good grooming standard.
  • Responds guest problem and complaints in a good manner.
  • Be responsible for the preparation of mise en place at all stations.
  • Ensure all equipment working in good and maintain it.
  • Attend the food and beverages meetings and departmental meetings.
  • Manage all attendance records of the staff.


You must have to skill motivate to other person.


Ability to work in pressure

You have Leadership


Good writing as well as communication skill

Computer knowledge like


Good problems solving ability


You must have done hotel management degree or any equivalent culinary course.

Interview questions like

Explaine in what ways can a chef be creative?

Can you explain as a chef what is you speciality?

Explaine a typical day as a chef?

Tell us what is your career goal in future?


What was your biggest disappointment and what you learn from it?

What do you like most being a Sous chef?

Where do you see after 5 or 10 year?

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