Job description of Floor Supervisor/Floor Housekeeper


Floor Housekeepers have final responsibility for the condition of guestrooms. Each floor Supervisor is assigned three or more floors.

Job description of Floor Supervisor

Job TitleFloor Supervisor
Reports toAssistant Housekeeper
Responsible forThe proper cleanliness and upkeep of guest rooms.
Co-ordinates withFront office manager, maintenance, duty manager, security, linen keeper.

Job description of Floor Supervisor

Duties and responsibilities of Floor Supervisor

  • Give the room attendants their room assignments and the floor master keys, which are returned at the end of the day.
  • Checks, supervises, and approves the attendant’s work and makes periodical inspection of the physical condition of all rooms on the floor.
  • Supervise the handing over of soiled linen to the laundry and requisitioning of fresh ones from housekeeping.
  • Supervise spring cleaning.
  • Report to maintenance work on his/her floor.
  • Ensure that there are adequate supplies of equipment and maintenance, linen, cleaning agents, guest supplies available at all times and also ensure that there is no wastage or damage and all store rooms and cupboards to be kept clean and tidy.
  • Co-ordinate with the room service for clearing.
  • Maintain par stock for the respective floors.
  • Facilitate the provision of extra services to guests, such as baby sitters, hot-water bottles, and so on, on request.
  • Immediately report any safety or security hazard to the security department or to the management.
  • Pay special attention to VIP rooms and the placement of VIP guest supplies and any flower, fruits placed in the rooms.
  • Report on standards of individual staff performance.
  • Check on scanty baggage.
  • Supervise cleaning on the allotted floors and areas including guestrooms, corridors and floor pantries of the allotted floors.
  • Any other job assigned to him/her by the Assistant Housekeeper.


Three years degree or diploma in hotel management.


I will tell you few skills that must be in Good Supervisor

  1. Hotel supervisor must be good communicated. It is most important skill in good supervisor.
  2. Hotel supervisor must have organisation skills. He/she need sketch the plan and follow up and understanding the company roles.
  3. Hotel supervisor must be team builder. Must keep team together. A good supervisor must be noticed team regularity.
  4. Hotel supervisor must be leadership quality. Supervisor define goal along the team member and assign responsibilities to various team member. A good supervisor understand long term goal of organisation.
  5. Hotel supervisor must be deal with changes. When  deal with obstacles he/she take quick good decision for organisation not go to under stress.
  6. Basic computer operating skills.


Experience two to three years of experience managing entry level employees. Proven experience of working in a similar role in an upscale organisation.


Age limit should be 22 to 30 years.


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