Job description of Control Desk Supervisor

Job description of Control Desk Supervisor

Control Desk Supervisor / Central Housekeeping Attendant / Control Room Supervisor

The control room or control desk is the nerve centre of the housekeeping department.

The desk is manned 24 hours a day.

Since the control desk is the hub of information dissemination in housekeeping, the control desk supervisor is a critical person in housekeeping operations.

Job description of CHK Attendant

Job TitleControl Desk Supervisor/Control Room Supervisor/Central Housekeeper Attendant
Reports toAssistant Housekeeper
Responsible forThe smooth functioning of control desk room and the records
maintained there in.

Duties & Responsibilities

  • Manage and control housekeeping desk.
  • Co-ordinate with the front office for information on departure rooms and handing over of clean rooms.
  • Maintain good relationship with other department for smooth functioning and effeciency.
  • Receive complaints on maintenance and housekeeping.
  • Maintain registers kept at the control desk.
  • Act as a pivotal person in receiving and disseminating information amongst housekeeping staff.
  • Maintain the latest reports regarding room occupancy, VIPs, status of rooms, and so on, so that work can be delegated to attendants and supervisors accordingly.
  • Attend to all phone calls received at the control desk.
  • Responsible for guestroom keys given to room attendants and to store the keys and maintain a key register.
  • Collecting all messages from the hotel guests and passing to the floor supervisor.
  • Responsible for directing all Housekeeping employees to respective duties.
  • Collecting a departure guest room number and that passing to the front office in a hotel.
  • Maintaining various important records and register for managers and supervisors.
  • Get status of the room and to communicate information on occupancy reports.
  • know the existing and expecting groups to prepare and clean their room.
  • To gets the arrival list of VIPs crews to arrange their room.
  • Forecast occupancy for the entire year establish par stock levels and estimate required staff force.
  • To assign employees for servicing rooms as per night report prepared by the front office.
  • Maintain message books and log books.
  • Any other job assigned to him/her by the Assistant Housekeeper.

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Skills and Quality

Should have good knowledge of Telephone etiquette.


Complete knowledge related rooms in hotel.

Good communication skills.

Problem solver.


To become control supervisor you need to complete Hotel management degree or Diploma in hospitality management.


You need to have 4-5 years work in hospitality management. Then you will be become control desk supervisor.



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