Jardiniere Cut of Vegetables || With Size, Uses & How to do it ?


What is the Jardinier Cut of Vegetables ?

Jardiniere cut

The jardinier cut, also known as the “gardener’s cut,” is a specific method referring to a specific way of cutting vegetables into large, irregularly-shaped pieces. irregular shape is meant to add visual interest to the dish. They are usually cut larger than a julienne cut, about ½ inch to 1 inch square. Or we can say that Jardinier Cut is the thicker version of the Julliene cut.

Size of the Jardinier Cut of vegetables

As above stated they are usually larger than the julliene cut about about ½ inch to 1 inch square. Length is same.

The size is consistent across different vegetable types, and it’s used for vegetables that will be cooked for a long period of time like in stews or braised dishes, as well as for sautéed or stir-fried vegetables. The uniform size of the jardinier cut ensures that the vegetables cook evenly, resulting in a dish that has a consistent texture and flavor.

Uses of the Jardinier Cut

Jardiniere cut is often used for decorative purposes, such as in a salad or as a garnish for a dish. It can also be used for cooking, such as in a stew or stir-fry, where the uniform shape of the vegetables allows them to cook evenly.


How to do Jardinier Cut of vegetables ?

To perform the Jardiniere cut on vegetables, you will need a sharp knife and a cutting board.

  1. Start by cleaning and peeling the vegetable, if necessary.
  2. Cut off the top and bottom of the vegetable to create a flat surface.
  3. Cut the vegetable in half lengthwise.
  4. Cut each half lengthwise again, so you have four long, thin pieces.
  5. Cut each of these pieces crosswise into small, square-shaped pieces of equal size.
  6. Make sure all pieces are of the same thickness and size, if they aren’t, adjust them.

Keep in mind that the size of the cuts will depend on the vegetable being used and the dish it will be used in. Jardiniere cut is usually done on carrots, green beans, turnips and similar vegetables with a firm and crunchy textures.


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