HRACC full form || Aims, Objective and why it’s Important?

HRACC full form

In the world of travel and hospitality, a consistent, high-quality experience is what sets the best apart from the rest. However, with the vast diversity of hotels and restaurants, it can be a real challenge to guarantee that same level of excellence across different establishments.

This is where HRACC, the Hotel and Restaurant Approval & Classification Committee, plays a pivotal role. As part of the Ministry of Tourism in India, HRACC works tirelessly to introduce standardization, elevate standards, and ensure that when you step into an approved establishment, you’re in for a quality experience.

So let’s get start to find this committee how do they work, what are their objectives and how they create benefits for our tourism.

HRACC – The Full Form

HRACC stands for: Hotel and Restaurant Approval & Classification Committee


Role under the Ministry of Tourism, Government of India

  • The HRACC operates as a crucial arm of the Ministry of Tourism, Government of India.
  • Its primary function is to ensure quality standards and consistency within the Indian hospitality industry.
  • The committee achieves this by:
  • Establishing clear guidelines and criteria for classifying hotels and restaurants across various categories.
  • Conducting thorough inspections and evaluations of establishments.
  • Awarding appropriate classifications based on the fulfillment of these criteria.

Aims and Objectives of HRACC

Primary Aim – Standardize and enhance the quality of services, facilities, and experiences in the hospitality industry.

Specific Objectives

  • Formulate clear and detailed classification criteria for hotels and restaurants.
  • Conduct assessments and inspections to award classifications.
  • Promote best practices and professional standards within the industry.
  • Protect consumer interests by ensuring transparency and accurate representation.

The Importance of HRACC

For Consumers

Provides reliable information on hotel and restaurant standards.

Makes informed decisions easier during travel and dining choices.


Ensures a higher level of overall quality.

For the Hospitality Industry

Sets clear benchmarks for hotels and restaurants to achieve.

Encourages continuous improvement in services and amenities.

Enhances the reputation and image of the Indian hospitality sector globally.

For the Nation

Boosts the tourism industry.

Promotes India as a destination with high-quality hospitality offerings.


HRACC Classification System

For this section you can read this post – Classification of Hotels on the basis of Star System or Classification of Hotels: A Comprehensive Guide


Who are members of Hracc?

  • A representative from the Federation of Hotels and Restaurants Association of India (FHRAI)
  • The Secretary General of FHRAI
  • The President of the Hotel Association of India (HAI)
  • The President of the Travel Agents Association of India (TAAI)
  • The President of the Indian Association of Tour Operators (IATO)
  • The principal of the Institute of Hotel Management (IHM)
  • A nominee from the department of tourism in the Central government
  • A nominee from the state tourism department
  • A nominee from tour operators
  • A nominee from travel agents
  • A representative from the hotel industry
  • The Secretary Tourism, Govt. Of India
  • Regional Director of Tourism, Govt

Where is the headquarter of Hracc in India?

The HRACC headquarter located in the C-1 Hutments, Dalhousie Road New Delhi 110011


In conclusion, HRACC acts as an essential driving force in strengthening the backbone of India’s hospitality industry. By establishing clear standards and promoting continuous improvement, it benefits all stakeholders. Consumers gain assurance of quality, establishments gain a competitive edge, and India’s tourism sector thrives.

If you seek a reliable indicator of excellence in hotels and restaurants, look for the HRACC classification – it’s your promise of a memorable travel and dining experience.


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