Human Resource (HR) department in Hotel


Human Resource department (HR) in hotel is same as other industries HR department. The human resource (HR) department in a hotel is responsible for a variety of tasks related to the management and development of the hotel’s workforce.

HR department in hotel

What is HR Department in Hotel?

The Human Resource is department in hotel is responsible for Hiring, Training and Managing Financial knowledge about the hotel. And Hospitality is an industry which is very much dependent upon the human  resources. Most of the services provided to a guest are of course by the Human Resource.

Let’s discuss the term what is mean by ‘Human Resource‘. You know human means we are. And Resource refers to the productive power of natural goods. Therefore Human Resource is the productive power in human beings. They are the ones who provide resources and also reap the benefits of the products or services.

Why need HR department in Hospitality?

  •  Hospitality itself has become a product in tourism and hence, a certain amount of quality and standards are to be ensured in hotel. This possible only on HR department.
  • The five star hotel has very high turn over, it’s not manage by one or two persons so the HR department control it.
  • For Hiring new employees, it is the future of that particular hotel so this have one department for hiring, in hotel HR department managed by it.
  • Tourist are becoming too demanding and want full value for money spent. Hence, our attention to HR in all sectors of tourism.
  • The Emergence of the tourism as tool for economic development of country and foreign exchange earner it also has become a highly competitive area if we to stay in top this is possible only on HR department in hotel.
  • As stated earlier, hospitality industry requires human resources like no other industries because it provides services to the guest.
  • If we want to survive in this highly competitive market improvement in skills, training and retraining is necessary for it is the quality in services which can act towards having repeat visitors to your hotels, so it’s only possible of HR department.

Responsibilities of HR department in hotel

Recruitment, Selection and Hiring – The HR department is responsible for Hiring the employees,


Training and development – Developing talent requirements from within the organisation meeting demand for new skills, developing and maintaining a continuing skill inventory.

Pay and Compensation – maintaining traditional pay and financial records, Compliance with government, union and other requirements.

Health Safety and Security – Health of personnel, safety of job practices in during operations, plant security classified information.

They are also responsible for overall growth of hotel.

How to join HR department in hotel

You can join HR department if you do Bsc in hotel management or any 3rd year degree in hotel management. I will tell another thing while your training at the hotel when you doing hotel management then ask for your HR can I do training in HR department then you do.


Because your training will be in four major department that is Front office, Food and Beverage service, Housekeeping and Kitchen if you request for HR I want to do training in HR department then will allow you. If you do MBA after hotel management it’s well preferred for you.

Concept of Human Resources Planning

Planning is a process of preparing a set of decisions for action in the future. Human resources planning may then be interpreted as a process of preparing a set of decisions on human resources development for action by human resources in future.

The actions required on the part of human resources planning are primarily of two types.

  • Availing the employment opportunities
  • Evolving new technologies to enhance economic development.

There are three types of investments which have potential to contribute to human resources development. They are investments in:

  1. Health and nutrition
  2. Social and economic equity
  3. Education and training

The first two types of investments can only contribute to the accumulation of human being in terms of health, physical capacity to work and socio-economic status.

And third that is education and training, directed towards development of skills in human beings that changes the future asset value, productivity and earning power of human beings.


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