How to succeed in F&B department in hotel

How to succeed in food and beverage service

The f&b department is the second major revenue producing department of the hotel. The success of any food service business depends to a great extent on the quality and behaviour of the staff working there.

The quality of service staff in all establishment reflects the quality of the establishment itself.

No matter how good the food and ambience ar, poorly trained, untidy or rude staff can antagonize guest. On the other hand if the staff are well trained and efficient,

They can to a certain extent,  Make for other shortcomings in the services provided. 

Personal Hygiene

No guest will a patronize a restaurant if the food and beverage are handled by staff who are unhygienic or with a bad breath and body odour.


All the efforts gone into making good quality dishes will certainly not be  appreciated by the guests if served by the staff with poor hygiene level.

So the if you want to succeed in f&b department your personal hygiene level so strong.

Below are the chart so you can refer it –

For Ladies For Gentlemen
Hair to be tied up into a bunHair must be short and we'll trimmed at all time
Excessive makeup to be avoidedShave daily
Nails clean and well trimmedNails clean and well trimmed
No accesories to be worn at workBeard and moustache should be well trimmed
Maintain smile on your faceShould not use excessive body spray


The service staff must be tactful, courteous, good humoured and of an even temper.

You must converse with people in a pleasant and respectful manner and should have the ability to stay calm and smile even in the most tiring circumstances.


If you want succeed in food and beverage service should be satisfactory solve any problem that may be arise.

In case of difficulty, a senior and experienced member of the staff should be consulted.


Punctuality is a all important, if you want to succeed in hospitality. If staff continually late for duty it shows lack of interest in his work and a lack of respect for the management and the guest that we serve.

Concentration and skills

Waiting at a table requires concentration and skill. Service staff should develop a sense of urgency in the performance of their duties.

Good service may not be commented upon but bad service  is surely noticed and talked about. Service should be prompt without the show of haste.

Attitudes towards Guest

The staff must not be survile, but should anticipate the guests needs and wishes.


A careful watch should be kept on guest at all times during the service without staring.

Care should always be taken when dealing with difficult guests.

Staff should never argue with the guest as this will only aggravate the situation.

All complaints should be referred to someone in authority in the food service area.

Local knowledge

In the interest of customer, the staff should have a certain knowledge of the area in which they work so that they may be able to advise the guests on the various forms of entertainment offered.

The best means of transport to places of interest and so on.

Product knowledge

Food and beverage service personal are technical salespersons; hence they should have a through knowledge of the proper ingredient, temperature, presentation and service of all the food and beverage served in the establishment.



A good memory help to improve performance. It also helps the sevice personnel to attend to small but important details such as remembering a guest name, choice of seating or his likes or dislikes regarding food and beverage service.

So good memory help to succeed in food and beverage service.

Honesty and Loyalty

This is a all important for the staff in dealing with both the guest and management.

If there is trust and respect in triangle of staff, customer and management relationship and there will be pleasant work atmosphere which encourages efficiency and good team spirit among the food and beverage operators.

Responsibility is another character that f&b staff should have because a waiter often deals with alcoholic beverages and also with lot of money.

Irresponsibility may lead to pilferage and theft.

You must have Good communication skills

Very good communication skills are also necessary for the service staff.  This only not only to suggest, explain and serve the dishes but also to have a good interpersonal relationship with the guest.

If you know any foreign language this is additional benefit for your career.


Communication help to building good relationship with the guest.


Team spirit

Almost all activities in food and beverage service are carried out by team staff.

No staff member can think of doing all the activities all by themselves and expect to be successful in their job. Team spirit is also important you want to succeed in f&b.



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