How to make Souffle Milanaise Recipe

Souffle Milanaise

Soufflé Milanaise is a baked egg-based dish originating in France in the early eighteenth century.  It’s very delicious and good looking if we add proper ingredient and proper garnishing it. So lets us discuss all about the Souffle Milanaise dish.

Ingredients Required

Ingredients Quantity
Eggs3 no.
Grain Sugar90 gms
Gelatin7.5 gms
Lime juice1 no.
Lemon zest2 gms
Rich cream150 gms

For last we use garnishing ingredients are

Pistachio (blanched and silvered)5 gms
Glucose biscuit2 no.

So lets begin our Recipe

  • First take a 3 no. of eggs out of these we use one whole egg and two eggs egg yolk make sure you use little bit bigger pot because we bit the egg.
  • Take 90 gms of grain Sugar and mix it into eggs.
  • Then go on gas and take another pot with water. Take this pot on gas and above we bit our eggs with whisk.
  • Whisk the sugar and eggs until it give you facy liquid. It also called Sabayon.
  • Take Gelatin in small bowl add water into this and mix it 7-8 minutes or until it completely dissolved.
  • Add the Gelatin in Sabayon you make earlier.

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  • We use our Eggs white while we making our Sabayon we take into side. So whisk it proper then give you face type.
  • In our Sabayon we mix Zest that is covering of yellow part of lemon and then cut it and mix lemon juice in Sabayon.
  • Add 150 gms of Fresh or Rich cream in Sabayon that is make richer in test.
  • Mixed it well that rotate it round and straight. That is make it round type and line to straight hope you understand that.
  • Make sure that you don’t found lumps in that.
  • Tha Souffle Milanaise almost done here put it into paper cups, you can use 5-6 paper cups depends on your how your Sabayon made.
  • After 1 hour it completely done. Then we use garnishing for it.
  • We can use swirl of whipped cream above our Souffle Milanaise.
  • Above that We use for Garnishing pistachio and glucose biscuit that is Parle-G you can be use.

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