How to Improve Communication Skills in hospitality


In Hospitality besides personal appearance, another important way in which your personality comes across is when you communicate with each other
So the word Communication is derived from the Latin term communicare or communico both of which means to share something, therefore Communication is a process, transferring or exchanging information, ideas, views and feelings two or more persons.


Communication is the very essence of human interaction, in any service industry, it is just impossible.
Experts estimate that we spend about 11% of our time in writing, 15% in reading, 26% in speaking and 48% in listening. But are you really listening?
In the hospitality or any other industry you listen first and then speak because listening involves hearing and understanding.
If you listen first then you will be understood things what speaker says and you will be give that customer answer very effective way.
So if you want improve your communication skill listen first.

Here are some point that improves your Communication

  • Develop a keen mental attitude
  • Know and understand the people you have deal with
  • Make your conversation polite, clear and interesting
  • Enunciate your words clearly
  • Be persuasive, forceful and direct without being authoratative and emphathise develop the capacity for participating in the other person’s feelings or ideas. In fact this may be the most important ingredient for successful communication.

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Let’s discuss about on voice and How to improve in Communication skills

The manner in which you use your voice not only helps you to develop your personality but also improve your customers relations


Here are some hints on how to use your voice effectively


Just loud enough for your customers to hear. Not too loud for everyone else nearby to hearnor too soft for your customers to strain themselves.


You have to speak at the speed at which your customer can hear and understand what you are saying, if it is fast, they might have difficulty trying to catch up, if it is slow they might boring


You should from time to time as the situation demands change the pitch and tone of your voice, in this way you will command your communication skills


If you genuinely like your customers or any person it will reflect in your voice, Enthusiasm are more important in communication.


Now we will discuss some of the barriers in Communication skills that may be you facing

1) Preconceived Notions

At times you pre-judge people before they speak, thus allowing your opinions and ideas of them come in the way of what they are trying to say.

2) Words

Many words in English and in other languages have different meanings relating to the context of what is being said. You must be careful not use words that may cause confusion in the receivers mind. So use words that are simple and easily understood.

3) Poor listening skills

Above we all discuss about this barriers, so make the habit the listen first.


4) Stereotyping

This is placing into blocks and forming opinions about them example are Tourist want drugs, business are crookes, Workers create trouble, politicians are shrewd, youth are irresponsible. Take a positive approach towards people and what they and avoid such preconceived Notions.

5) Emotions and Feelings

Anger, hate, jealousy, worry, sorrow could influence people’s judgement and prevent them from thinking seriously and fairly, hence while on job avoid these negative feelings

6) Confusing the message

This is speaking without thinking of what you really want to say. This can confused the receivers

7) Unconvincing


The speaker is, at times not convinced about the subject or not sure about the facts or the purpose of the occasion


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