How to get Education loan from SBI ?


This question comes every student or parents who struggle financial problem for their College fees.
Don’t worry this article tell you very details and very helpful for your getting education loan from SBI because I got education loan from SBI for my Hospitality career.
In this platform I will share you complete knowledge about how to get education loan from SBI and my experience about getting education loan from SBI.

Education loan
So lets begin
I will share this knowledge in four stage so first stage is

Meet up the Bank Manager

Meet up the of nearby Bank Manager of SBI
This steps is very important for getting education loan from SBI. Meet up the bank manager and show that you are honest and build your relationship as stronger as possible.
If you win the trust of the bank manager then it’s easy get loan. And we say that first impression is the last impression so here is work this sentence.
I suggest the you meet up the bank manager with your parents. In my case I single meet the bank manager.
They’re tell you all about education loan and interest rate they offer you. In my case they offer me 9.3% interest rate in 2019.
May be they increase or decreases you can check Here .

They will tell you various documents need for getting education loan & refund policy. You can ask as much as possible.

When you come in home no doubt come in you mind.
In next step we will discuss Document submission to the Bank Manager


Document submission

In first step they will ask you documents and in second phase your responsibility to provide the correct and all necessary document to the bank manager.
Or you can apply through the Vidyalakshmi portal. Here is the link

This portal made by Government of India which is the must fill up the form here.
You can first apply through Vidyalakshmi then meet the bank manager they will not say you no to education loan.

You can see video here for How to fill form on Vidyalakshmi portal

If you fill the form from the Vidyalakshmi then submit the Xerox documents to manager. Then manager do you documentation.

Step -3


Roll in RACPC in education loan

As soon as if you submit all your require documents to bank. After all this may take 15 days to complete your document aproval and they go to RACPC.

This is a government body of education loan they look at any education loan.
If your document go to RACPC then your high chances to get education from SBI.
RACPC may take 1 month to aproval documents and loan.

Now we will discuss last steps

Disbursement process for education loan

If your loan sanctioned. Then they may be mail you like this

Education loan sanction letter
In that may they specify date and time. Meet the RACPC office with your parents.
They ask for various sign for your and your parents and also the cheque. Both you and your parent.

Finally this was done and they will give you the sanction letter.
At this stage your loan sanction and disbursment process will continue accordingly to you.


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4 thoughts on “How to get Education loan from SBI ?”

  1. I loved reading this blog post on education loans. It not only discussed the financial aspects but also touched upon important factors like interest rates, repayment terms, and loan forgiveness options. The real-life examples shared throughout the article made it relatable and engaging. Ready to make your dreams a reality? Get in touch with us and explore the financial assistance options available to you.

  2. Hello sir ,
    25 days ago ,I submitted all the required documents to the branch manager regarding education loan.
    Last week They came for inspection and address verification.
    They told that i will be updated within 3 days.
    But no sign, I didn’t get any of the mails till now..
    What to do

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