Housekeeping Material List with Images & Uses


Housekeeping material list with images

Maintaining a clean and hygienic home is essential for both physical and mental well-being. A well-kept house not only looks and feels inviting but also helps to prevent the spread of germs and allergens.

However, keeping up with regular cleaning can be a daunting task, especially if you don’t have the right tools and supplies on hand or you don’t have right Housekeeping material.

That’s why we’ve put together a comprehensive list of essential housekeeping materials, along with images and explanations of their uses. With this guide, you’ll be well-equipped to tackle any cleaning challenge and keep your home sparkling clean.

Housekeeping Material List with Images

Sr.Housekeeping materialsImages
1.Wet Mop
2.Dry Mop
3.Sponge Mop
5.Box Sweeper
8.Glass cloth
9.Floor cloth
11.Cloth brush
12.Upholstery brush
13.Toilet brush
14.Deck scruber
15.Feather brush
16.Bottle brush
17.Carpet brush
18.Hearth brush
19.Dust pans
20.Dust bin
21.Spray Bottles
22.Carts & Trolleys
24.Electric brooms
25.Backpack vacuum
26.Upright vacuum
27.Cylindrical vacuum
28Pile lifter vacuum
29.Centralized vaccum
30.Wet and Dry vaccum cleaner
31.Wet extraction machine
32.Carpet shampoo machine
33.Scarifying machine
34.Dust sheet
36.Taski Chemicals (R1 to R9)

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Housekeeping Materials Uses with Description

Wet Mop

Wet Mops and sponge mops are used for cleaning lightly soiled floors in conjunction with a bucket, hot water and detergent.

The mop consists of long coarser cotton yarn than a dry mop and a sponge mop is another type of wet mop.

Dry Mop

Dry mops consist of a head of various shapes and sizes, made from soft twisted cotton yarn or synthetic fibres and attached to a long handle; the synthetic fibres are electrostatic and attract the dust.



Squeegee which consists of a long metallic handle and a wooden or rubber blade to remove excess water from a surface being cleaned.

It Is effective when followed by mopping with a damp mop.

Box Sweeper

These are also called carpet sweepers and are used for the removal of surface dust and crumbs from carpets.



These may be made of plastic or galvanized iron.

Plastic buckets are more popular these days as they are lighter in weight, quieter in use, and easier to clean.


Soft, absorbent, plain, or checked cotton material are ideal for dusters.

When used for damp-dusting, they must be sprayed with a fine mist of water or dusting solution.

Glass cloth

These are used for wiping mirrors and drinking glasses as they do not leave behind lint.


Floor cloth

Floor cloths are included in Housekeeping material basically these are bigger, thicker, and made of coarser cotton material than all-purpose Swabs.

They are used to wipe WC pedestals and remove spills from floors.


Brooms may be used for removing dust or dirt in large areas.

Dust pans

These are used in conjunction with a broom or brush for gathering dust.

They may be made of plastic or metal, plastic ones being the usual choice these days.


Spray Bottles


These may be used to apply a fine spray of water or cleaning solutions as required.

The nozzle must be maintained clean by spraying clean, pure water through it after use

Carts & Trolleys

These are more useful than hand caddies when a large amount of supplies and items are to be carted or replaced.


These are small, lightweight vacuum cleaners used for cleaning curtains, upholstery, carpet edges, mattresses, computers, and music systems.

Electric brooms


These are very lightweight vacuums without a motor-driven beater brush.

They are used only for light vacuuming and for touch-ups on carpets and hard floors.

Backpack vacuum

These are very efficient for cleaning high, hard-to-reach areas.

The vacuum unit in these machines can be easily strapped to the back of the operator.

The machines have hand-held wands that come with various attachments for flexibility in cleaning.

Upright vacuum

These vacuums are the ones more frequently seen in hotels.

The main body of the machine lies horizontal on the floor and is driven by a single motor.

Cylindrical vacuum

These have no rotating brushes and work by suction only.

The term ‘suction cleaner’ is generally used for these kinds of vacuum cleaners.

Pile lifter vacuum

These vacuum cleaners are used to groom long-pile carpets.

They lift up the carpet pile that has become packed down and restore their vertical orientation.

It is especially useful before shampooing the carpet, more so if the soiling is heavy.

Centralized vaccum

In this type of unit, suction is generated at one point in a building. Meanwhile, soiling can be removed at vacuum points elsewhere in the building by suitable nozzles linked to detachable flexible hoses.

The collected dirt is then conveyed by a network of pipes to a central container.This unit is expensive to install and is generally done at the building construction stage.

Wet and Dry vaccum cleaner

These are extremely useful in housekeeping operations.

They can pick up spills and excess wash water when on the wet mode.

When on the dry mode, they help in removal of dust and debris.

Wet extraction machine

These machines are used to restore the surface appearance of carpets, upholstery, and curtains.

Carpet shampoo machine

These machines, as indicated by the name, are designed for the deep cleaning of carpets that are heavily soiled.

Scarifying machine

Scarifying is the process by which heavy grease, mud, wet sawdust, and thick deposit are removed from the surface of floors.

The process is employed when simple scrubbing has been ineffective. Here dirt deposits are broken up by the chisel-like action of a wire-brush cutting tool.

Dust sheet

Dust sheets are made of any thin cotton material, being about the size of a single sheet.


These are made up of coarse linen, fine canvas, or clear plastic. They may be of the size of a carpet square or a runner.

Taski Chemicals (R1 to R9)

Taski chemicals are a range of cleaning solutions that have become a staple in the commercial and industrial cleaning industry. These specialized cleaning chemicals are designed to address a variety of cleaning challenges and are used across a broad range of industries, from hospitality to healthcare.


Maintaining a clean and organized home requires a variety of housekeeping materials. This blog post has provided a comprehensive list of essential housekeeping material, along with images and descriptions of their uses. By keeping these materials on hand, you can easily tackle any cleaning task that comes your way.


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