Guest Message Register in Housekeeping


What is the Guest Message Register in Housekeeping ?

The guest message register in housekeeping is a record of messages that have been left for guests staying in a hotel or other lodging establishment. It is typically maintained by the housekeeping staff and contains information about the message, such as the name of the guest it is intended for, the date and time it was received, the name and contact information of the person who left the message, and the content of the message itself.

The guest message register is an important tool for ensuring that guests receive important information and messages while staying at the hotel. It allows housekeeping staff to keep track of messages and ensure that they are delivered promptly and accurately to the intended recipient. In addition to traditional paper-based registers, many hotels now use electronic systems to manage guest messages and other communications, such as email or text messaging platforms.

 Who handles the Guest Message Register in Hotel ?

The housekeeping control desk is responsible for taking these guest messages and passing them onto the concerned staff.

The housekeeping control desk also act as a point of contact for in-house guests who require any housekeeping related service.

The message could be about the provision of certain guest loan items or a request for a second service, and so on.


A guest message register is maintained for this purpose at the control desk.

Format of Guest message Resister

Importance of Guest message Resister in Hotel

In my understanding I will tell you some of the reasons why the guest message register is important

In view of Organization – The guest message register helps housekeeping staff keep track of all messages received for guests in one central location, making it easier to ensure that messages are delivered to the correct guest.

Timeliness – By keeping a record of when messages were received and when they were delivered to the guest, the guest message register ensures that messages are delivered promptly.


It help in Accountability – The guest message register helps hold staff accountable for delivering messages to guests in a timely and accurate manner.

Improve Guest Satisfaction –  Guests appreciate when they receive important messages in a timely manner, and the guest message register can help ensure that guests receive the information they need to enjoy their stay.

Maintain a Safety – In cases of emergency or urgent messages, the guest message register can help ensure that the message is received by the guest quickly, which can be critical in ensuring their safety.


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