Safe-Deposit Box

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The safe-deposit box is a secured storage vehicle that allows guests to store their valuables during a hotel stay.

A safe deposit box in a hotel is a secure container or vault that is typically located in a guest’s room or at the hotel’s front desk.The purpose of the safe deposit box is to provide a secure place for guests to store their valuables such as cash, jewelry, and important documents.

These safe-deposit boxes meet a guest need, while at the same time reducing a hotel’s potential liability.

Typically, a safe deposit box in a hotel room is a small, secure box that can be accessed by entering a code or a key that is provided by the hotel. The box is typically made of metal and is designed to resist tampering and theft. Alternatively, some hotels may offer guests the option to store their valuables in a safe deposit box located at the hotel’s front desk, which is usually more secure and can be accessed only by authorized personnel.

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