A Detailed Insight on French Service: With Advantages and Disadvantages

French service

What is the French Service?

French service is also known as “family service.” In this style of service, dishes ordered by the guest are placed on the table with serving implements and plates for the guest to help themselves.

Means French service is a type of self-service in which food is brought from the kitchen on a platter and presented to the host for approval to ensure that the food that has come to them is the same as what was ordered. And food is placed on the table; then all guests serve themselves.

In France, this service is found in family guesthouses and banquets, where the dish is presented to each guest from the left so they can help themselves.

Plates and dishes were placed on the table for a small number of guests, while a side table or trolley could be used for a large number of guests

In this service, all dishes can be placed on the table, and the host can either serve all his guests at the table or help with serving and serve himself at the end.


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Insight on French service/Serving Guide 

A very exclusive and personalised service in which emphasis is placed on the presentation of the food as much as on its quality and taste

This service involves bringing food from the kitchen in entrée dishes or oval flats and presenting it to the guests. Guests help themselves from a serving tray or entrée dishes held by the waiter, or the waiter may conveniently place them directly on the table so that guests can help themselves.

The plates are conveniently placed near the main dish. This service gives guests the opportunity to help themselves to the dishes. It requires highly skilled staff and is found in luxury dining establishments.

This method is widely practised in ethnic restaurants, especially in Chinese and Indian restaurants.


For example, Indian breads and accompanying dishes are kept on the table for guests to help themselves.

If any assistance is required, the waiter may help the guest in passing and serving the dish.


Service skills are not required.

Compared to other services, it has a low labour cost.

Seat turnover is higher than for silver service.

Fast/Quick service.


There is no chance for plate wastage.


Service staff will not be able to demonstrate their service skills.

Food may go cold.

Guests may spill or burn themselves.

Needs more area on the table.

Guests may feel neglected.

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