Job description of Assistance Housekeeper

Job TitleAssistant Housekeeper
Reports toExecutive Housekeeper/deputy Housekeeper
SuperviseAll the floors and public area housekeeping employees working under him.
Co-ordinates withF&B Manager, Chief Engineer, Front-Office Manager,
Night manager & the laundry Manager.

Duties and responsibilities of assistant Housekeeper

Duties/Responsibilities of Assistant

  • Be responsible for the efficient and orderly management of cleaning, servicing, and repairing of guestrooms.
  • Be responsible for the hotel linen and check its movements and its distribution to room attendants.
  • Keep an inventory of all housekeeping supplies and check it regularly.
  • Assist the room attendants in their work.
  • Provide the front office with a list of rooms ready for allotment to guests.
  • He Organize all the flower arrangements.
  • Update record books, registers, and files.
  • Compile the maids’ roster.
  • Relieve deputy housekeeper.
  • Check the VIP and OOO (out-of-order) rooms.
  • Arrange the training of staff and substitute for the executive housekeeper in case of his/her absence.
  • Any other job assigned to him/her by the executive housekeeper or deputy housekeeper.

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