Different Types of Mattresses in Hotel


There are primarily five types of mattresses in Hotel: 

1. Interior-Spring MattressesTypes of Mattresses in hotel

These mattresses have an inner layer of springs between layers of insulation and padding. Interior-sprung mattresses are of three types:

a) Open Spring Mattresses – They have hourglass-shaped wire coils sandwiched between wire frames.

b) Pocketed-Spring Mattresses – The springs in these are cylindrical, and each is enclosed in a fabric or foam pocket.

c) Continuous-Spring Mattresses – In these, the springs are made from wire that is linked and interwined in a mesh-like pattern.


Continuous-spring mattresses are ideal for double beds because they compress to the shape of the body.

Thus, they are also referred to as ‘posture-springing mattresses’.

2. Latex or foam-rubber Mattresses

Latex Foam mattress

These mattresses are made from synthetic rubber that is whipped into foam with a chemical setting agent while in a semi-liquid state and poured into heated moulds.

These types of mattresses in hotel are extremely resilient—they regain their original shape rapidly after being lain on, and therefore, require no turning.


They are not prone to attack by moths and other pests, either.

3. Solid-stuffed Mattresses Solid stuffed mattrress

These mattresses are made by filling a ticking with padding.

The padding may be in the form of animal hair, cotton, kapok, wool, etc.

All stuffed mattresses are prone to attack by moths and other pests.

They are also absorbent and require frequent turning when in use. They may also require frequent re-making as they tend to sag easily.

For these reasons, hotels offering service do not opt for these mattresses.


4.Plastic mattresses

Plastic mattress

These types of mattresses in hotel are made from polyethylene and vinyl foam. They are non-absorbent and resistant to attack by moths and pests.

they should be treated with a fire-retardant finish since they produce toxic fumes on catching fire.

5. Water Mattresses

Types of mattresses in hotel

These resemble interior-sprung mattresses in appearance.

So the Well-designed ones have water-filled cells in the centre of the mattress.

The ticking can be removed there is a zipper along the top of the mattress, so that the cells can be serviced easily.



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