Different types of Linen in Hotel


What is Mean by Linen?

Different types of linen in hotelThe word ‘linen’ or ‘house linen’ is used collectively to describe all launderable items maintained, stored, and issued for guest use by the housekeeping department in a hotel.

Linen is Material Woven from a fiber of  Flax plant.

The term ‘linen’ is also used loosely to denote household articles originally made of linen and may now be made of other fabrics, such as bed and table linen, and by extension other housekeeping launderables such as bath linen.

Many hotels use their name and logo embroidered into the linen for identification and standardization. This is called monogramming.

Types of Linen in Hotel

Bed Linen in Hotel

This types of linen in Hotel includes all the linen present on the Bed. Bed ‘linen’ made from linen, cotton, or synthetic fibres.


In Bed Linen includes Bed Sheets, Pillows & Pillow Cases, Blankets, Duvets & Quilts and Mattress Protectors.

Bed Sheets

In Bed Sheets most frequently used are Polyester and Teri cot. Bed sheet should be large enough to be tuck in secularly all around the mattress.

The width for cutting the fabric for the bed sheet is approximately 8 metres.

Pillow and Pillow Cases

An Ideal pillow should be neither too hard not too soft. If you proper care about the it’s may it’s life increase like 2 years depending upon you how you use it.

Generally the life Pillow cover is double the life of Pillow.


Pillowcases generally made from the same fabric as that of use in Bed Linen. The longer bag type which is folded in at the open end will be good.

It is necessary to measure the circumference of the pillow and add 2 to 4 inches to allows for shrinkage and perfect fit.


These need to adhere to body in order to provide warmth, comfortable. They should be smooth, soft resilient and not too heavy.

Wool is often blended with a synthetic fibre. A less durable alternative is made from nylon fibre. It is suitable for those who is wool allergic.

Duvets and Quilts

It consists of a filling sandwiched stitched in a fabric cases with a changeable cover.

The fillers may be feather of the bird’s or synthetic fibre. Most of the hotels used duvets with its cover as a bed spread, pillow and duvet with cover are all that are needed to make bed.


Duvets are generally three times lighters than all linen use in. Bed making.

Eiderdowns are exclusive Quilts filled with down feathers from the eider duck which make them very expensive.

Mattress Protector (MP)

It kept above the Mattresses to prevent of Mattress from any strains.

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Bath Linen in Hotel

In this types of linen in hotel includes all kinds of towels found in guest bathrooms, wash cloths, and bath mats.

The preferred colour at most properties is white.

Towels are almost always made of cotton terry cloth or Turkish toweling with uncut pile for high absorbency.


Bath Linen includes:

  • Bath Sheets
  • Face Towels
  • Bath Towels
  • Hand Towels
  • Wash Cloths
  • Bath Mats

Bath Sheets – These are extra-large bath towels provided in VIP rooms in luxury hotels providing world class services.

Face Towels – It is almost exclusively made of terry cloth or Turkish towelling.

Bath Towels – There is a lot variation in bath-towel sizes. But most of the hotel White ones are preferred.

Hand Towels – These, like face towels, are made of Turkish towelling. They are smaller than face towels and are provided both in guest bathrooms and cloakrooms.

Wash Cloths – This are made of Soft terry cloth and used by guest for scrubbing their face and body clean while taking a bath.

Bath mats – These are also made of Turkish toweling but the material tends to be much heavier.

They are highly absorbent and are kept in guest bathrooms for guests to dry their feet after coming out of a bath and to catch drips or splashes so that chances of slipping on bathroom floor tiles are reduced.


FnB Linen

These are linen use in restaurants and banquet halls. 


F&B linen are table cloths, napkins, slip cloths, underlays , frills, tray mats, waiter’s cloths.

Table Linen in Hotel

Table linen in hotelLinen used on the table are referred to as table linen or napery.  Table linen includes table cloths, napkins, slip cloths, and underlays.

Table Cloth – Fabric considered for table linen should be able to resist stains and to retain their colour and shape even after frequent laundering.

The table cloth should sufficiently large to hang 9 inches below the table edge and fabric should be hemed of four sides.

Napkins – These are usually made up of 100% cotton or linen as they need to be absorbent.

Also it should be possible to starch them so as to allow them to folded into fancy shapes.

Slip Cloth – These are place above the table cloth to achieve a contrasting effect and hence it is normally colour.


Underlays – Baize or any other felted material is suitable for these. Molton is cheaper option for this.

Skirts/Frills/Runners – Drapability is an important requirement in these fabrics. Satins made of  synthetic fibres are use as they are durable colour fast.

Banquet frills (Japone) may have pleats when drapping is the table. Varied styles may be used when drapping which will the affect the length of fabric required.

The width of the fabric must correspond with the length of the table.

Waiter’s Cloth – These are the types of linen in Hotel which contains 100% cotton casement is prefer fabrics.


Curtains linen in hotel

These often contribute more to the atmosphere of a room than any other items of furnishings.

Plain heavy curtains, drapping to the floor are use to create formal setting.

Short curtains made of light brightly pattern fabrics are create an informal relaxed atmosphere.

The various fabrics use for making curtains are cotton linen, acrylic, rayon glass etc.

Good curtains usually lined and heavy curtains are interlined. The lining help the curtains to drape well and also to protect from sunlight and dust.

The curtain materials required for windows  is 15 metres. Usually Heavy fabric is use for Public areas and Lighter one in the Guest Room.


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