Different types of cleaning clothes use in Housekeeping


Various cloths are used extensively in wet and dry cleaning by housekeeping staff. For efficient and correct usage, cloths may be colour-coded and the staff well trained in their use.

Generally there are two types of cleaning clothes use in Housekeeping

  1. Cleaning cloths
  2. Protective cloths

Cleaning cloths

Their are different types of cleaning clothes use in Housekeeping

  • Dusters
  • Swabs
  • Floor Cloths
  • Scrim
  • Glass Cloths
  • Rags
  • Wet Cloths
  • Chamois Leather


Cleaning cloths use in Housekeeping

These are meant for dusting and buffing. Soft, absorbent, plain, or checked cotton material are ideal for dusters.


When used for damp-dusting, they must be sprayed with a fine mist of water or dusting solution. 

Dusters must be folded several times into a hand-sized pad before use so as to provide a number of clean surfaces and avoid spreading dirt again to a clean surface instead.


Swabs cleaning cloth use in Housekeeping

These are all-purpose cloths made of soft, absorbent material. They are used for wet cleaning and damp-dusting of all surfaces above floor level.

They are also used for cleaning sanitary fittings such as bathtubs and wash basins.


Floor Cloths

Types of cleaning clothes use in Housekeeping

Floor cloths are bigger, thicker, and made of coarser cotton material than all-purpose swabs.

They are used to wipe WC pedestals and remove spills from floors.


Cleaning cloths use in Housekeeping

This is a loosely woven linen material and because of its high absorbency and lint-free nature, is often used instead of chamois leather for cleaning mirrors and windows.

Glass Cloths

Glass cloth


These are used for wiping mirrors and drinking glasses as they do not leave behind lint.


Rags Cleaning cloth use in Housekeeping

Rags are disposable cloths usually obtained from the linen room or bought by the sack from tailors.

These are used for applying polish and when dirty are thrown away.

Wet Cloths

Wet cloths should be absorbent and of a manageable size so that they can be wrung out by hand.

They are used for mopping large floor areas.

Chamois Leather

Chamois leather cleaning cloth use in Housekeeping


Real chamois leather is the skin of the chamois goat antelope, but now various cheaper imitations are available.

These simulated chamois leathers are usually skivers, i.e. split sheep skin.

Chamois leather can be used wet for cleaning windows and mirrors; when dry it is used as a polishing cloth for silver and other metals.

Different types of Protective cloths used in hotel

  • Dust Sheets
  • Druggets
  • Hearth & bucket cloths

Dust Sheets

Protective cleaning cloth use in hotel

Dust sheets are made of any thin cotton material, being about the size of a single sheet. and other articles during spring-cleaning or re-decorating.


Druggets cloths used in Housekeeping department of



These are made up of coarse linen, fine canvas, or clear plastic.


It may be of the size of a carpet square or a runner.

They are placed on the floor in doorways to prevent excessive dirt being trekked in or out during bad weather and during redecorating projects.

Sometimes placed in the passage between the kitchen and dining area as well to catch spills and debris.

Hearth & Bucket Cloths

These are made of thick fabrics and used to protect the carpet or flooring when a fireplace is being cleaned or can be placed under buckets to prevent marks on the surface they are kept on.

They also catch splashes of water.

Care & Cleaning of Cloths

Good care of cloths is important for efficient cleaning and longer life.


In general cloths may be washed in hot detergent water followed by rinsing and drying.


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