Different Parts of Knives

Parts of Knives

Knives are the most important piece of equipment in the kitchen. Knives comes in various shapes and sizes and each is meant for a specific use though some knives can be used as multi purpose knives. Let us now familiarize ourselves with different parts of knife.

Parts of Knife/Knives


Blade of knives

The blade parts of knives is usually made from a metal compound called high carbon stainless steel. It combines the property of carbon of being sharpened easily and the non-corrosive properties of steel.


Tip parts of knives

The tip of the knife is the pointed edge where the knife blades ends. The tip is generally used for scoring patterns and working with meats or carving.



Spine partsv of Knives

The Spine parts of the knife is the thick top edge of the knife that gives the knife strength.




In some knives there’s a collar at the purpose wherever the blade meets the handle called a bolsters.. It reinforces the structure of knife.


Cutting edge

Cutting edge of knives

The cutting edge is the most important part of the knife. It should always be kept honed and sharpened.


Handle of knives

A knife handle should be easy to grip and should not react with most cleaning products. The different materials used to make handles are wood, plastic fibre, plastic or even metal.


Tang of knives

The tang is the parts of knife which is continuation of the blade and extends to the handle of a knife.



Rivet parts of knives

These metal fasteners that hold the handle and the tang together.


Knives is the plural form of the noun and knifes is the third person singular of the present tense of the verb. – Reference

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