Different department in Hotel

Different department in hotel

Room division department

Room division department is compose of 2 major departments in hotel that is Front office and Housekeeping.

In large hotel housekeeping and front office department manage by a room division manager.

Front office

Front office is department that located at the front of the hotel. Headed by front office manager. It’s the department that responsible for welcoming of the guest.

Area include in front office department Receptionist, Cashier, Reservation, Looby, Telephone section, Bell desk, Business centre, Travel desk, Information desk and Concierge.


The department is responsible for the cleanliness and upkeep of the front of the house as well as back of the house areas.


The housekeeping department headed by Executive housekeeper or in chain hotels the director of housekeeping.

Food and Beverage (F&B)

In food and beverage department includes the Restaurants, Bars, Coffee shop, Banquets, Room service, Kitchen and Bakery.

The department is headed by director of f&b. The Restaurants, Bars, Coffee shop, Banquet, and Room service may be grouped specifically under the F&B service department headed by F&B manager.

The kitchen and bakery fall under the F&B food production department headed by Executive chef also the Kitchen Stewarding department falls under the Food and Beverage department.

Maintenance department

The maitainance department of hotel is responsible for management of services and processes that support the core business. No hotel can survive without maintenance department.


They ensure the safety of all the staff and guest within the boundaries of the establishment and they are also responsible for improving energy efficiency and reducing operating cost.

They protect the integrity of the building through maintenance of building structure.The maintenance department headed by chief engineer or chief maintainace officer.

Human resource department

The human resource (HR) department is headed by HR manager. Recruitments orientation and training employee welfare and compensation labour laws and safety norms for the hotel come under the purview of the HR department is an ancillary department of the training manager.

Who takes on the specific task of orientation and training of new employees as well as existing one many properties now have a learning and development department headed by the learning and development manager.

Sales and Marketing

This department is headed by the Sales and Marketing Manager. A large hotel may have three or more employees in this department, whereas a small hotel makes do with just one employee.

The function of this department is five-fold—sales, personal relations, advertising, getting MICE business, and market research. All these functions lead to the common goal of selling the product of the hotel, that is, rooms, and the services of the hotel by ‘creating’ customers.


Purchase department

The purchase department is led by the purchase manager. Who in some properties may report to the financial controller the procurement of all the departmental inventories is the responsibility of the purchase department. In most hotels the central store is part of the purchase department.

Financial control department

Also called the control department this headed by the financial controller. Who is responsible for ratifying all the inventory items of the operational departments. The hotel’s accounts are also maintained by the control department.

Security department

Headed by the Chief Security Officer, the security department is responsible for safeguarding the assets and employees of the hotel.

Their functions include conducting fire drills, monitoring surveillance equipment, and patrolling the property.


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