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Preparation of the Crepes Suzette

It is claimed that, the history of the Crepes Suzette, are unknowingly found. The dish was accidentally made by the 14 years waiter name Henri Charpentier in 1895 in France.

When he preparing dessert for the prince of wales which is the future king of the United Kingdom, in this function whose guest present beautiful French girl named Suzette.

Ingredients required for the Crepes Suzette

For Pancake

Name Quantity
Refined flour200 gm
Eggs8 no.
Milk600 ml

For flambé

Pan cake4 no.
Butter60 gm
Caster Sugar60 gm
Orange Juice125 - 150 ml
Orange Zest2 orange to be used
Brandy30 - 50 ml
Lemon Juice60 ml
Orange Curaçao or Grand Marnier30 - 50 ml

Preparation on the Trolley

In Hotel the Crêpes Suzette is mostly used for the Gueridon Service

So I will tell you one by step to making as well as preparing of the Crepes Suzette on the Trolley

The following equipment required for service

Flare lamp, Suzette pan, Service gears (Service fork & Service spoon), Decanters (for brandy- optional), Pony tumbler/sauce boat, China bowls (for caster sugar), Teaspoons, Chopping/Cutting board, Dessert plate, Dessert Fork & Spoon.


Preparation of Crepes Suzette

  • The Pancakes made in Pantry before preparing a service.
  • Ensure the mise-en-place is complete before commencing.
  • Pour out the required measure of the liqueur and the spirit.
  • Melt the caster sugar and add the butter and combine together to form a creamed mixture.
  • Add grated zest of orange if required.
  • Cook it till the creamed mixture turns golden brown.
  • Add orange juice and then add lemon juice, blend well.
  • Taste and adjust flavouring as required.
  • Add Orange Curaçao, or Grand Marnier.
  • Mix well, stirring with a service fork, then taste and adjust flavour if required.
  • Place pancake and coat the topside of the pancake with the sauce.
  • Fold the pancake into quarters with the help of a fork and place to the side of the pan to allow room for the next pancake to be put into the pan.
  • Work quickly as during this process the sauce should be reducing all the time and thickening. Take care it does not burn.
  • When the sauce is reduced sufficiently, add bandy to the remaining sauce in the pan and flambé it carefully.
  • Serve on the dessert plates from the pan.

Reference – For more history of the Crepes Suzette visit the Wikipedia.


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