Need to Know all about Check-Out procedure in Front office Hotel

Guest Checkout Procedure in Hotel

Guest check-out procedure is very important as all guests are in a hurry to leave the hotel to catch the train, bus or flight to their next destination.

Therefore, in this case, the receptionist needs to plan their work more carefully as a professional. Guest check-out is the final phase of the  Guest cycle and one of the most important.

You should always remember that the last impression is just as important as the guest’s first impression of the hotel’s services and facilities

Steps to includes in Guest Checkout Procedure

1) During the night shift, the front desk staff prepares the next day’s early check-out list, which is distributed to all key departments (Food & Beverage, Housekeeping, Security).

2) The checkout list alerts all departments to post any last-minute bills (such as room service, food, or laundry bills) from the guest to the guest file.


3) The guest’s method of payment must be verified in advance by the hotel staff.

4) The hotel staff must make sure all guest invoices are posted to the guest account.

5) Invoices from the various departments must be identifiable to the guest.

6) Check the guest invoice posting for errors.

7) Ask the guest to confirm and sign their final bill.


8) Obtain guest consent to print invoice.

9) The computer system allows invoices to be printed in advance during busy periods. This helps pay guest bills smoothly.

10) Don’t forget to asking feedback of hotel by the guest, it helps to future growth of hotel.

These are steps includes in Guest Checkout Procedure.

The hotel staff some points remember while doing guest Checkout

  • The receptionist can politely inquire about the guest’s experience at the hotel during their stay.
  • A guest comment/feedback card can be given to the guest to fill out.
  • If there are any complaints, please assure the guest who will take care of it becomes action.
  • Guest trip to another destination assist the guest with honestly.
    Thank the guest for staying at the hotel



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