Housekeeping Terminology

Different Types of Housekeeping term used in Hotel Housekeeping is very important department in Hotel, if you want to become best Hotelier so Housekeeping terminology is very useful. It should be you work in Front Office or any other departmentin Hotel. B Banquet Function Prospectus (BFP) – is document gives prior intimation of various conferences and …

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Housekeeping Terminology

Placement of Guest supplies and Hotel Amenities

Guest supplies / Hotel amenities include all the items that are conducive to the guest’s material comfort and convenience. They are sub-divided into Amenities of Guest Essentials items of a Guest Guest Expendables Loan items.   Many hotels follow a common pattern in placement of guest supplies in their guestrooms. In the Bedroom a) Behind the …

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types of guest complaints

There are primarily four types of guest complaints that employees in a hotel come across: Technical/Mechanical Complaints Service related Complaints Attitudinal Complaints Unusual Complaints 1. Technical/Mechanical Complaints These complaints relate to the malfunctioning of hotel equipment or a set of guest supplies provided by the hotel. These may be due to problems with the air-conditioning, …

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Types of Keys in Hotel || Housekeeping

Handling the Keys it is most important factor in hotel. Generally Housekeeping and Front office department responsible for key control. So the in this article we will discuss different types of keys in hotel and their control. Different types of keys in Hotel Emergency Key Master Keys Guestroom Keys Supply Keys Card Keys 1. Emergency …

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