Career opportunities of Hospitality Graduate

Career opportunities of hospitality graduate

Career after hospitality management

You can see in the image there are lot of career opportunities after Hospitality Management.

And Due to a larger growth of tour and travel the hospitality industry provide lot of jobs in hospitality sector. Therefore, In this article I will tell you some of the career opportunities after Hospitality Managemen


Hotel is a commercial establishment which provides food, shelter, beverages & other services on payment of those who are ready to pay for it & in a fit condition to be received.

After hospitality management degree you can easily find job in hotels there main four department in hotel i.e kitchen, housekeeping, front office and food & beverage.


Depends on your interest you can do job in this four department. Starting salary is very low renges between 12,000 to 20,000. After you gain experience it will increases.

Some of the Hotels like Taj group of hotel, Oberoi’s group of hotel, Mariott group of hotel. These are hotel you can find job after Hospitality graduation.

Retail chain multiplex

In retail chain there are various shopping mall like PVR, Cineplex etc. You can join as in retail chain supervisor or management trainee. salary renges between 15,000 to 20,000.

QRS (Quick Restaurant Service)

These types of outlets are concerned with the preparation and service of such food and beverage items which can be prepared and sold on an immediate basis for the consumption either on or off the premises.

The staff working in this category are very skilled, so if you think get the job in QRS you must be have skill.


In QRS their are various company that can be hire you like Pizza hut, McDonald’s, Starbucks, KFC etc. You can join as a management trainee.


IRCTC is a Railway body of India. It’s offer various jobs for hospitality graduate student. The starting salary is 25,000 you can join as supervisor.

Facility management

Facility management is a one company handle a facility of another company. Their are various job in facility management like that cleaning and disinfection, kitchen stewarding, transfort service and security service.

They work in hotels, restaurants, hospital etc. The starting salary renges between 25,000 to 30,000 in this industry growth is fast and endless. You can join as a supervisor.

Tour and Travel

Now, Tour and Travel become the one of the best option for a career. If you can exploring the world it’s best option for you. You can become a Travel agent, Tourism manager, Tourist guide and Tour operator.





If you are a passionate about flight it’s best option for you. Company like QATAR, AIR INDIA, SPICE JET, SWISS etc.

Civil aviation progressed very rapidly after the Second World War when large war supply air craft were available for disposal. From 1946 onwards commercial airlines started food service.

Most of the hospitality student interested in doing career in Aviation.

Above all companies hire you salary renges between 45,000 to 50,000 in domestic airline. You can become a cabin attendant for some year you become cabin lead.

Sales & Marketing

Sales and marketing are two different department. You can decide you go in either sales or marketing.

You can join as Sales associates, Sales Executive it’s depends on your interview.  starting salary renges between 15,000 to 20,000. Incentives too much in sales and marketing job.


Sea/Marine Catering

Marine catering includes catering for passengers as well as the crew on board.

The quality of food, level of service and facilities offered depends on the class of the ship, price the passengers are willing to pay & distance of the sea routes as well. This is the best career in Hospitality.

If you interested in traveling of sea is the best for you. The salary is in this field is very high if we canpare to hotel.




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