Career in Housekeeping

Career in Housekeeping

We can see here  different sector you can apply for Housekeeping job. Where it be in a hotel, hospital, university and other establishment the main purpose of the Housekeeping and accomodation department is to provide a clean, comfortable and attractive environment for all those who use the premises and those services must be provided in a such way that they do not lead to any  safety fire or health hazards.


It is main career option for your career in Housekeeping. After doing Hotel management,  The Housekeeping department in hotel responsible for various work in hotel.

The Housekeeping department in hotel is headed by the Executive housekeeper.

In hotel Housekeeping staff can be divided into three categories

Managerial – Executive Housekeeper, head Housekeeper


Supervisory – Assistant Housekeeper, Floor Housekeeper, Linen room Superviser, Public area Supervisor

Unskilled – Room Attendant, Housepersons, cloakroom attedant


In hospitals there is highly organize Housekeeping department because of cross infection reason.

The scope of hospital Housekeeping is enormous. In hotel all area need cleaning in everyday. Like wards, laboratories, administrative area, doctors chambers, lecture room, treatment room, waiting areas, mortuaries, kitchens, dinning areas, premature baby units and isolation wards.

Following are the chart of Housekeeping department in a hospital


Career in Housekeeping in hotel

The following are the responsibilities of Housekeeping staff in Hospital.

  • Maintaining a high degree of cleanliness and hygiene with a focus on health.
  • Ensure security and safety.
  • Pest control.
  • Control over contracted cleaning agencies.
  • Providing staff uniforms.
  • Laundering hospital linen, uniforms, and surgical suits.
  • Cleaning and bed making which be done with the least amount of disturbance to the patient.
  • Arranging flowers.
  • Delivering and collecting patients mail.
  • Caring for clothes and personal belongings.
  • Terminal cleaning of rooms which must be done soon after a patient is discharged and before a new patient is admitted to the room. This includes total disinfection of the room including all furniture and fixtures.


Traditionally hostels were only popular with budget conscious travelers due to low price.

Each hostel has a warden who is the  administrative head supervises the hostel staff.

Following are the chart of the Housekeeping staff in Hostels

Housekeeping in Hostel


The responsibilities of the housekeeper in hostel are

  • Maintaining cleanliness and hygiene.
  • Reporting and checking on maintainance work.
  • Managing staff.
  • Managing cataring.
  • Undertaking budgetary control.
  • Ensuring the well being and discipline of students.
  • Managing room keys and handling students mail.
  • Providing security.
  • Undertaking security.
  • Maintaining and providing linen.
  • Handling lost property.
  • Undertaking stock control.

Career in Housekeeping in University

In large universities low cost Housekeeping may be undertaken.

Following diagram shows you the Housekeeping staff in University

Career Housekeeping in University

Below are the duties and responsibilities of Housekeeping staff in University

  • The state manager is in charge of building maintainance and repairs.
  • Catering manager is in charge of the food and beverage outlets including their cleaning.
  • Service manager is in charge of all public areas lecture room and other teaching areas.
  • Accommodation manager is in charge of the cleanliness and organizations of all student and staff accomodation.

Residential Homes

These establishment include old-age homes, nursing homes, convalescence homes, destitute children’s homes, hospices and homes for the mentally or physically challenged.

The Housekeeping staff duties chart are same as University Housekeeping staff so you can refer above diagram.


Career for Housekeeping staff in Malls

In Malls consumer attracts cleanliness in malls, so here are great opportunity to set career here.

Housekeeping executive / Housekeeping superviser supervises and managed the Housekeeping in malls.

There are different section like Restrooms, storefront, kitchen, trash collection administrative offices, parking garages etc.


Housekeeping in office provides sufficient safe clearances and access to any and all work stations work areas.

The following are work done by Housekeeping in offices

  • Deep cleaning must be completed before or after office hours.
  • Maintainance of indoor plants and flower arrangements must be regularly attended to.
  • Disposal of confidential waste must take place by way of a shredder and incineration.

Cruise Ships

Housekeeping work on cruise is similar to what Housekeeping responsibilities are in a hotel.

Housekeeping here responsible for making cabins or staterooms comfortable for the guests apart from laundry pickups and delivery and general cleaning of comman area in Ship.

In cruise ship salary are very high compare to hotel but one can point make it behind the hotel that is if you do job in ship you must forget your house minimum six month.


Because ship travel in sea and their is a minimum possibility to get holiday before six months.



In airoplane there is also need for Housekeeping department. If you passionate about traveling in airoplane this is only for you.

For more details you see jobs for aviation in Aircraft jobs cleaning

Art Galleries, Museums and Libraries

The scope of Housekeeping at these establishments includes maintaining display areas, exhibits, old books, documents.

Particular problem include dust control across extensive areas of shelves and a quantity of books and also control of UV rays prevent deterioration of documents.






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