What is a Briefing in Hotel ? Meaning & Importance


Briefing meaning in Hotel

In hotel Briefing refers to the conversation of the hotel staff, such as managers, supervisors, and other team members, to discuss the daily operations, tasks, and events that are taking place in the hotel.

Briefings are typically held at the beginning of each day or shift, and they may cover topics in that particular department. For example in housekeeping may cover the task such as Job allocation or any other and in Front office they may cover Check-in, Check-out in hotel.

Briefing in Housekeeping

The deputy housekeeper or the executive housekeeper, being the managerial staff, will hold the briefing session for all employees at the beginning of a work shift.

The following may be communicated in the course of a briefing session of 10 minutes:

Any VIP in the house.


Policies and new procedures to be followed by the staff.

Job allocations.

Checking of grooming standards and personal hygiene.

Appreciation for work well done on earlier shifts.

Rectification required (on the basis of observation) Banquets or other events to be held in the hote


Briefing in Front Office

Briefing in the front office typically refers to a meeting between front office staff such as manager, receptionists, concierges, and guest service agents. To discuss the current status of the hotel and any issues or challenges that may affect guests.

These briefings are usually held at the beginning of each shift, and they may cover topics such as room availability, arrivals and departures, guest requests. And any other important information that staff members need to know to provide excellent service to guests.

During a front office briefing, staff members may also discuss any special events or promotions that are taking place in the hotel, as well as any changes to hotel policies or procedures.

Briefing in Food and Beverage service

During a food and beverage briefing , the manager or captain will typically outline the objectives and expectations for the shift or event, review any special requests or dietary restrictions. And provide updates on any changes to the menu or service procedures. They may also review the roles and responsibilities of each staff member, including the host/hostess, servers, bartenders, and kitchen staff.

Additionally, the briefing may cover any specific service standards, such as timing and presentation of dishes, handling of customer complaints or feedback. And the proper use of equipment and tools. The briefing can help to ensure that all staff members are informed and prepared to provide exceptional service to customers.

Importance of Briefing in Hotel

Provide Update and information – In briefing hotel staff aware the hotel policy and any change made by the hotel in that particular time.


Communicating guest needs – Briefings provide an opportunity for front-line staff to communicate any guest needs, requests, or issues to management and other staff members.

Improving coordination and collaboration – Briefings allow staff members to work together more effectively by sharing information, coordinating tasks, and collaborating to resolve issues.

Enhancing staff training – Briefings provide an opportunity for staff members to learn from one another and to receive additional training and guidance from management.

In conclusion the briefing is the very important in hotel if you want to succeed in hotel industry. They are essential for ensuring that all staff members are working together effectively, communicating effectively with guests, and providing the highest level of service possible.

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