A Complete Guide to Making & Serving a Banana Flambe


A Banana Flambe is a very Delicious dish, if you want make either your home or in hotel to serve the guest. The dish origin from France.

Complete guide to making Banana Flambe

How to make Banana Flambe

The following ingredients required for the dish

Name Quantity
Firmly Riped Banana1 no.
Caster Sugar30 gm
Butter30 - 60 gm
Dark Rum30 - 60 ml
Orange Juice120 ml

Pre-Preparation of Dish

Take firmly ripe banana. Cut the banana from the both end on the chopping board & hold it under the serviette on your palm.

Slit the banana lightly with the help of carving knife in order to perform skimming (removing skin).


Equipment required for Making the Banana Flambe are

Flare lamp, Suzette pan, Service gears (Service fork & Service spoon), spare plate for used service cutleries, Decanters (for rum- optional), Pony tumbler/sauce boat, China bowls (for caster sugar), Teaspoons, Chopping/Cutting board, carving knife (small), Dessert plate, Dessert Fork & Spoon

Preparation of Banana Flambe

  • Place the shallow pan on a low heat and heat castor sugar on low flame. Cook them until the sugar starts caramelizing or turn in to light golden in colour.
  • Add butter and allow melting, mixing well by keeping away from the flame.
  • Blend the melted sugar and butter together using the back of the service fork & add the orange juice to it.
  • Carefully place the banana rounded side down in the pan and cook with reduced orange sauce.
  • Pierce the banana carefully with the prongs of the service fork, this will allow the heat to penetrate when in the pan. If care is not taken here the banana may break.
  • Add caster sugar on banana, again if required.
  • Be careful not to overheat the banana or to cook for too long, as it will become too soft.
  • When heated sufficiently, flambé with the rum .

If you are a hotel staff then following are the Serving Guideline

First things first before serving the Banana Flambe note Mise-en-place completely done.

After completing the Banana Flambe note that you must served it in Dessert plate. Because we count it a Dessert course in 17 Courses in French Classical Menu.

Sometimes vanilla ice cream is served with Banana flambé.


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