All about the Kitchen Stewarding Department in Hotel


What is Kitchen Stewarding Department in Hotel?

Kitchen stewarding department

Kitchen stewarding department in hotel plays a very important role in the hotel and catering industry. It is primarily responsible for maintaining cleanliness and hygiene conditions in the kitchen.

They perform all essential grocery department support services, maintaining and cleaning all utensils and equipment used and ensuring proper waste disposal.

The kitchen stewarding department oversees those areas of the hotel that are not covered by the housekeeping department, mainly back of house areas such as kitchen, cafeteria, corridors, receiving and store areas and administrative offices located in the back of house.

The kitchen stewarding department oversees those areas of the hotel that aren’t covered by the housekeeping department, that includes back of house areas similar as kitchen, cafeteria, corridors, entering and store areas and executive services located in the back of hotel.


In hotel Kitchen Stewarding comprising of

  • Wash up area
  • Silver Room & Plate Room

Wash up area

Brigade can work speedily and efficiently when passing from the food service area to the kitchens.
The layout and positioning of the area should be at strategic point so that it can be easily reachable with least leg work.
Waiter- stack soiled plates, cutleries, entrée dishes in definite part of the dirty collection table & then move to the kitchen hot plate to collect next order.

Plates should be the right size with dishes on a plate
Glassware stacked on a separate tray & carried at a separate point to be washed separately to minimize breakage.

Silver Room/Plate room

Stores & maintain the complete stock
Maintain record of stock received & issued.
Surplus stocks are store neatly.
Cutlery into bunch of 20 pieces.
Cutleries are stored in cutlery box or drawer lined with baize.
Smaller items are stored in a cupboard.
Earthen ware articles are stored in the cupboard.
Banquet silver is kept separately.
Paper lined shelves or plastic coated wire racks
Service equipment are cleaned & polished periodically.
The larger silver items like flats, platters and entrée dishes are stored on the shelves
While stacking the heavier objects need to pass on the decrease cabinets whilst the lighter objects are saved better up
In very big establishments, the silver and the plate room can be separate units, however withinside the majority of locations they’re blended and in a few instances it’s far part of wash-up area.
The provider equipments in shops need to be wiped clean and polished periodically.

Importance/Responsibilities of the kitchen stewarding

  • This is one of the most important support sections in the F&B department. The kitchen sterwanding contributes to the successful operation of the catering and production department in hotel.
  • Washing kitchen pots and pans (scullery/pot wash).
  • Maintaining kitchen equipment.
  • Cleaning all kitchen equipment and ensuring hygiene.
  • Garbage disposal.
  • Washing all service equipment including the ones used in banquets.
  • Polishing silverware
  • Sending damaged silverware for plating.
  • Pest control
  • Carrying transporting heavy articles.
  • Indenting for new crockery cutlery.
  • Gas connections and upkeep of tandoor.
  • Maintain ppm levels to sanitizing knives and cutting boards.
  • Replenishment of service ware to various outlets.

Duties and Responsibilities of Kitchen Stewarding Staff

Organization Chart of Kitchen Sterwanding

Kitchen stewarding department



Executive kitchen steward/ chief steward

Planning, organizing, directing & controlling the stewarding activity
Supervision of all silver, dish & glass washing

Maintenance of high standards of kitchen cleanliness

Control the kitchen stewarding stores.

Report directly to the executive chef.

Familiar with all kitchen & service equipment, their usage, maintenance & storage.

Familiar with government laws enforced by the health and sanitation department.


Kitchen Steward Supervisor

This is a supervisory-level position responsible for particular staff shift.
Supervise the supply staff in the absence of the head steward He/she collects shopping trolleys, room service trays and plates from the cafeteria.

Distribute clean silverware in the designated storage area. There will be an attendant throughout the day’s operations as it is a 24 hour activity.


Dishwasher Operate the dishwasher or wash dishes and cutlery manually. Washing machine.

Take the washed and dried dishes out of the machine and stack them on trolleys.
Guide glasses and cutlery through the glass machine.

Kitchen Porter

They clean all the pots used in the kitchen with jets of water.
At times of low activity, they empty the garbage from the kitchen.


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