Advantages and Disadvantages of joining Hotel industry


You are thinking right I will join or not hotel industry? What the better option joining the hotel industry? How will money they paid? What are advantages and Disadvantages of joining Hotel industry And is better option for me? These are question come your mind Right?

So the at this platform I will help you it’s better for you or not.

Advantages and Disadvantages of joining hotel industry

First we will discuss Advantages of Joining Hotel industry.

Advantages of Joining Hotel industry

Working environment – The working environment of hotel industry is very good compare to other industry. You see around your smiley people and you fill energetic. And Maximum people are helpful.


Easily Get Job – If you have hospitality degree you can find job anywhere. There are lot of opportunities other than hotel waiting for you like in Airline Catering, Cruise ship etc.

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Opportunities to Go in other Countries – If you hotel management you can get job in foreign country. This is the best option for who like to work in other country.

Growing Industry – This is fastest growing industry. The hotel industry in India is expected to reach a value of INR 1210.87 Bn by the end of 2023.

Pleasing Personality – If you do hospitality management your personality will be become pleasant. You learn about how to speak people. I think neither degree teach you better than Hospitality degree How our attitude towards to people in hotel or our personal life.


Disadvantages of Joining Hotel industry –

I made a survey in my hotel I ask people how you fill now joining hotel industry about 70 to 75% people regreting the joined hotel industry.

So please decide this industry made for you or not. I am not demotivate you here because I am also hospitality student. If you are really interested in Hotel and Tourism then this industry only for you.

Now we will Discuss Disadvantages of joining hotel industry

Long Shifting hour – You can see other jobs time to time but hospitality industry not. If you become chef there is long Shifting hour like above 12 hour.

Stress – This industry gives you lots of stress. If you are at Managerial level then stress of your company growth. And you are lower level then there is stress of working.

Initial Salary Very less – In hotel industry initial Salary is very less compare to other industries. If you go higher level or managerial level it also increases.


Forget about Vacation – You have enough amount of holidays and vacations your friends celebrate Diwali and here you work in hotel.

Initially forget about Family life – Initially neither gets enough amount of holidays. And initially your struggle days so you can’t give enough amount of time to your family. But you go managerial level then you can give some time of your family.

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