5 Stages of Guest Cycle in Front office

Guest cycle in front office, at the time of check-in

Guest Cycle

There are various stages or phases of interface between a guest and a hotel. All these phases are collectively called Guest Cycle. Guest Cycle in front office also represents a systematic approach to front office operations.

In guest cycle there are 5 Stages includes we see one by one

So first is the Pre-arrrival

1) Pre-arrrival

The interaction between guest and hotel before the guest arrives at the hotel this interaction called Pre-arrrival in guest cycle.


I give the brief description about what is happening in Pre-arrrival phase-

a) Guest first select a hotel for stay. Choice affected by factors like:

  • Advertisement (look at anywhere online etc.)
  • Recommendation from family and friends
  • Previous experience with the hotel
  • Reputation
  • Location
  • Contractual agreement with the hotel

b) If guest hotel selected the guest can contact through –

  • Telephone
  • E-mail
  • Fax

c) Guest request for particular type of reservation.

d) Guest may ask for Particular arrangements like wine bottle kept in room or fruits etc.


e) If any mail has come before the guest arrival message is kept in reservation docket.

f) On the day of arrival an expected arrival and departure list is distributed in other
operations departments or arrival reports distribute to f&b department and security department.

2) Arrival

In Arrival stage of Guest cycle in front office guests have their face-to-face interaction with the hotel staff on their arrival at the hotel.

a) 1st Interaction –face to face with hotel staff.

b) Guest is greeted by the front desk.

c) Guest is offered welcome drink. ATG (Aarti, Tika, Garlanding) if requested.


d) Registration process begins

  • Guest is asked to verify the details printed on registration card.
  • Ask for identity card (Aadhar card, Licence etc.)
  • Mode of payment guest will paid the bill which ask for guest.
  • Last but not the least ask for signature for the guest.

e) Once the guest has registered with the hotel.

  • Assigned the  room to the guest.
  • Given the room keys to the guest.
  • Escort to the guest in given room.
  • Luggage will be brought by Bell boy in the room.
  • As per the request at the time of reservation necessary arrangements are made.

3) Occupancy

During this stage, the guest gets a first- hand experience of the facilities and services offered by the hotel. These services and facilities are the most important part of a guest’s overall experience at a hotel.

This is most important stage in guest cycle in front office. Because maximum interaction of all departments happened in this stage.

so it must coordinate well with other departments to ensure that the guest receives smooth and efficient services and facilities. For repeat business of hotel.

Below are the brief description about what will be happened in Occupancy stage of Guest cycle in front office.

a) Handling guest account – The creation and maintenance of auditing of guest account/ guest folio by the front desk cashier and the daily auditing of guest accounts by the night auditor.


b) Message Coordination – Receiving message for the guest when they are not in their rooms and ensuring the delivery of the same on their arrival by th information assistant.

c) Key handling – Accepting the room keys when the guest goes out of the hotel premises and returning the same to the guest when they come back to the hotel after cross checking.

d) Guest Mail Delivery – Accepting mails of a guest and delivering the same to them. When a guest is not in the room the front desk receives the mail, keeps in the room key rack and delivers it when the guest comes back.

e) Guest paging – Locating the guest in a specific area of the hotel when she/he is not in the room. If a guest is expecting a visitor she may request for this services by filling ling a form.

f) Safety Deposit Locker – Providing the locker facility to guest to keep their valuables like important documents and jewellery. It is located in the back office of the front desk.

g) Guest room Change – Guests asked for room changing if he/she complaints about it.

h) Travel arrangements – If guest ask for travel arrangements the hotel staff can do arrange hotel car or something like Uber, Ola etc.

I) Information about hotel and it’s products – Guest may ask for any service from f&b department the hotel staff must give the information about product.


j) Handling Guest Complaints – This is very important phase of Occupancy the hotel staff will be go through in this step.


For more details you read the post types of guest complaints

k) Posting of charges – Goods or services purchased from the hotel and other additional expenses may also be charged to guest accounts/ guest folio.

4) Departure

In Departure stage guest settled his account by making payment through cash, credit card, and travel agency vouchers.

a) Preparation & Presentation of guest bills – The front desk cashier prepares a guest bill on the basis of financial transaction between the hotel and the guest and then the bill is presented to the guest for settlement.

b) Luggage handling – Guest may call the front desk for the luggage or in case a guest wants the hotel to keep his/her luggage for
a short duration of time after checking out the hotel, the hotel keeps the same in
the left luggage room.

The front office makes a luggage tag and handed over guest copy to the guest which the guest has to produce when she comes back to claim the luggage.

c) Feedback – During the check-out, the front office determines whether the guest was satisfied with the stay and encourages the guest to return to the hotel – or another property in the chain.


5) After Departure/ Post Departure

This is last step of  Guest cycle in front office.

It is important to keep in touch with guests even after their departure, generally done by the front office as well as the sales and marketing team, which sends flyers with special offers or discounts, gift vouchers etc and wish guests on their important life events.

a) Handling of late charges -Account balances should be verified and errors corrected before the guest leaves the hotel. Problems may occur in guest account settlement when charges are not posted to the guest’s account until after the guest checks out. These charges are called late charges.

b) Room status updating – Once the guest has checked out, the front office updates the room’s availability status and notifies the housekeeping department.

c) Handling lost and found – In case any of the guest’s belongings are left in the hotel, they are sent to the guest after confirming address details via call or email to the guest.

d) Communication with the guest – Keep updating the guest through mailers and flyers with special discount, gift vouchers and hotel updates like change in room rates or room categories on a regular basis.

e) Guest history records – Hotel staff must keep history and profile for the future reference.

So these all the stages of guest cycle in front office that can every hotel follow. For give best experience to guest.

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