4 Main Types of Trolleys used in Housekeeping department


When it comes to cleaning, the housekeeping trolley is a must-have for any hotel. It’s a convenient and efficient way to store and transport all the necessary supplies and materials needed to keep a hotel looking and feeling its best. In this blog post, we’ll take a look at different types of housekeeping trolleys used in hotel.

The various kinds of trolleys and carts that may be used in the housekeeping department are

Different types of Trolleys used in Housekeeping 

  • Maid’s Cart/Room Attendant’s Cart
  • Janitor’s Trolley
  • Mop-Wringer Trolley
  • Linen Trolley

1) Maid’s Cart/Room Attendant’s Cart

Also called a room attendant’s trolley, maid’s cart, or chambermaid’s trolley, this is Perhaps the most significant piece of equipment in the housekeeping department.

Maid’s Cart/Room Attendant’s Cart trolley in housekeeping


It is like a giant tool box, stocked with everything necessary to service a guestroom effectively.

Most such carts available now are made of metal, but sometimes wooden carts may be in use.

The cart should be spacious enough to carry all the supplies needed for a GRA to complete half a day’s room assignments.

Since the cart is large and may be heavily loaded, it must be easily maneuverable.

The ideal cart would have fixed wheels at one end and castor-wheels at the other.


The cart should be well organized so that the GRAs do not have to waste time in searching for supplies or make frequent trips back to the supply room.

There is usually one such cart for each room section and it is stored in the floor pantry along with other housekeeping supplies.

Most of these carts have three deep shelves—the lower two for linen and the top, partitioned shelf for small supplies.

The carts also have a sack for soiled linen, detachable trash bags, and storage space for a vacuum cleaner and a hand caddy.

While arranging the linen on the cart, it should be kept in mind that the heavier linens must be placed on the lowermost shelf and the smaller, lighter ones on the top shelf.

2) Janitor’s Trolley

This is used for carting and storing cleaning supplies. It is used during the cleaning of public areas or any special cleaning projects scheduled for guestrooms.


Janitor’s Trolley trolley used in housekeeping dept

It includes a detachable trash bag and a place for storing cleaning agents and small pieces of cleaning equipment.

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3) Mop-Wringer Trolley

This piece of equipment consists of a mop and one or twin buckets with an attached wringer, all mounted on a trolley with castor- wheels.

Mop-Wringer types of trolleys used in housekeeping department

It may have provisions for holding cleaning agents as well as trash bag.

4) Linen Trolley

These are used for the transfer of clean linen from the laundry to the linen room or from the linen room to the floor pantries, and so on.


Linen trolley in housekeeping

Linen trolleys may be made of aluminum or steel.

In hotel how to used trolley effectively

The housekeeping trolley is an essential tool for any hotel housekeeping staff. It is a mobile storage unit that allows staff to transport cleaning supplies and equipment quickly and efficiently throughout the hotel. However, if used incorrectly, a trolley can be a major source of frustration for staff.

Here are some tips on how to use a trolley effectively:

1. Organize Your Supplies: The first step in using your trolley effectively is to make sure all your supplies are well organized and easy to access. Before you start your shift, take a few minutes to organize the trolley.

So you can easily reach items without having to search through all of your supplies.

2. Secure Items Properly: Make sure you properly secure all items on the trolley with straps or latches. This will prevent items from falling off or becoming damaged while you’re transporting them throughout the hotel.

3. Use Casters: Casters are a great way to help you move the trolley more quickly and easily. Make sure the casters are properly secured to the trolley before you use it and that they are designed to fit the size and weight of the trolley.


4. Keep it Clean: Make sure you keep your trolley clean and free of clutter. After each shift, clean the trolley and remove any items that may have been left behind. This will help make it easier for you to find items when you need them and help keep the trolley looking its best.


Above these simple tips will help ensure that your housekeeping trolley is an effective tool for your hotel staff. By keeping it organized, properly secured, and clean, you’ll be able to get the job done quickly and efficiently.

Care of Carts & Trolleys

All carts and trolleys need to be kept clean, wiped daily, and stored in a locked, dry, well-ventilated area when not in use.

A thorough cleaning may be done once a week.

The wheels may be oiled during this cleaning.


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